The ‘Fake Melania’ Theories Are Continuing After Melania Trump’s Speech at Florida Rally (See Photos)

#FakeMelania was a trending topic last weekend after photos of Melania Trump went viral because people thought a body double was there in her place.

Now, the “Fake Melania” theories are continuing after the First Lady of the United States spoke at a Trump rally on Friday (October 30) in Tampa, Fla.

Melania, or the woman possibly playing her if conspiracy theorists are correct, was seen giving a kiss to Donald before speaking on stage in front of thousands of people in Florida.

One person tweeted, “For the record, I had Trump kissing a fake Melania at a super-spreader rally on my 2020 bingo card.”

Zach Braff said, “Guys. I’m not a conspiracy person at all!!!! But this doesn’t look like her! Am I crazy?”

Check out the photos in the gallery and see Twitter reactions below!

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