Taylor Swift Fans Reveal Why They Think Her Fresh-Faced Selfie Means A May 8 Announcement Is Coming

A picture’s worth a thousand words, so did Taylor Swift, with a mere selfie, hint that something big is coming? Swifties are in a tizzy with theories over her latest pic.

Sometimes, a selfie is just a selfie. Other times, especially when you’re Taylor Swift, it’s so not. “Not a lot going on at the moment,” wrote Taylor, 30, on Apr. 27, and those eight words caused fans everywhere to go “Galaxy Brain.” Taylor, 30, may have just shared a sweet selfie, or she may have announced that something is coming in May. Fans picked up that the post was published at 5:08 pm EST. 5 + 8 = 13, which is Taylor’s favorite number (she was born on Dec. 13, 1989, after all), but when the time is written out as 5/08, it’s a date: May 8. May 8 also happens to be a Friday, the day that new music gets released. Does this mean she’s about to drop a new song, EP, or album?

Wait, there’s more! Taylor’s quote is not just her reflecting on life within the quarantine. Fans picked up that “Not a lot going on at the moment” is the phrase that was on a shirt she wore in the “22” music video. Another fan noted that the shirt spread those eight words over five lines. 5 x 8 again. “Taylor posted a selfie with the caption ‘not a lot going on at the moment’ she also had that saying in her shirt in the 22 music video, which means TS8 = RED 2.0,” one fan theorized. So, does this mean that Taylor is going to release the re-recorded version of her Red album, thus foiling music nemesis Scooter Braun after he purchased the rights to her back catalog?

Wait, there’s even more! A Taylor Swift fan account (@TSwiftNZ) noted that “Both Chinese streaming music services QQMusic and NetEaseCloud attached ‘Cruel Summer’ to Taylor Swift’s recent ‘Not a lot going on at the moment’ selfie on social media.” Taylor’s song “Cruel Summer” is 2:58 long (5 x 8 again). So, could the music video for “Cruel Summer” be dropping?  Another fan also suggested that “Given the new 22 captioned selfie from Taylor Easter Eggs are starting to lead onto May 22nd. It’s *85* days from The Man Music Video and 13 days from May 8th.”

“Since Taylor captioned her picture with 22 lyrics…I checked out the music video, and guess what?? At exactly 22 seconds, she’s holding up a heart. HEART = LOVER. I hate her,” tweeted another Swift fan, who seems to think that Taylor is more calculating than the Illuminati, the military forces hiding aliens at Roswell (there’s been a lot of chatter about that recently) and the writing crew of Watchmen combined. Speaking of “love,” fans also noted that the number “58” also recently popped up in Taylor’s “The Man” video. Specifically, there’s a moment – “58 years later” — when the titular “Man” gets married to a much, much younger bride. So, did Taylor confirm that she and Joe Alwyn are secretly married? Probably not. Fans will have to wait until May 8th (or 22nd?) to see what, if anything, happens.

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