Tammy Slaton’s husband ‘hurt and alone’ as he addresses divorce rumour

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton marries Caleb Willingham

Weeks after it was revealed that 1000lb Sisters star Amy Slaton, 35, is getting divorced from her husband of four years, Michael Halterman, fans believe her sister’s marriage may be heading in the same direction.

Tammy Slaton, 36, got married to Caleb Willingham, 39, in November last year after they met in an Ohio rehabilitation facility.

The newlyweds struggled to adapt to married life, especially as they were still long-distance and their family had a less-than-positive reaction to their sudden nuptials.

As fans grew increasingly concerned, an online discourse started on Facebook with one viewer sharing a screenshot of a since-deleted Facebook post allegedly by Caleb.

The post read: “If you were only here for my wife, then please delete me now.

“We are married by paper only right now. Her decision, not mine. It was more than that.

“I’m hurt, mad, confused, and alone even with others around. Thank you for your love, prayer, and support.”

The 1000lbs Sisters star also changed his Facebook profile picture in early April from a photo of him and Tammy on their wedding day to a selfie featuring only himself.

Although both Caleb and Tammy’s profiles still state they are married, Tammy has also dropped her husband’s surname, reverting back to her maiden name Slaton.

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An insider told The US Sun that the distance in particular was causing tension in their relationship as Tammy had left Caleb behind in the Ohio facility when she returned home to Kentucky.

The insider noted that Caleb had intended to move to a treatment centre in Kentucky to close the distance but there had been some unforeseen obstacles preventing this.

They claimed the reality TV star is “sad” and “frustrated” that Caleb isn’t with her and that the couple “have been arguing” adding that the physical separation makes her feel “as if she is single again”.

Amid Tammy and Caleb’s reported marital woes, her sister Amy has moved into her home.

In mid-March, Michael filed for divorce from Amy and she moved into Tammy’s home with her two sons, Gage, two, and Glenn, nine months.

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