Susanna Reid: GMB star talks ‘guilt’ over not being ‘present’ when sons were little

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Susanna Reid, 50, reminisced on the time her three sons Sam, 18, Finn, 16, and 15-year-old Jack, were little, ahead of them all leaving the nest and going off to university. Her eldest Sam, is already there but cherishing the last couple of years with her other two boys left her feeling slightly “guilty” over not being “present” enough when they were all tots.

There are moments when you think, ‘Why was I not present when they were tiny?’

Susanna Reid

In a recent interview, Susanna discussed being alone in the family home once all three of her offspring move out, and she put her hand on her heart when she realised how lonely it would get.

“It is now you realise that all the time you had together when they were little has gone,” she said after explaining her children will always come first.

“It just gets you right there, doesn’t it?”

Despite growing up and living away from home, she revealed that Sam doesn’t mind taking calls from his mum.

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“Every time I’ve called he’s answered immediately and he’s wanted to talk. And I’m filled with love every time, because I think, ‘OK, he’s gone, but he’s not gone gone. He still wants to feel that connection,'” she said.

“There are moments when you think, ‘Why was I not present when they were tiny?’

“I was around a lot for them, but sometimes you can regret you weren’t there playing with them every single moment of every single day,” the ITV star admitted.

“You have that kind of guilt.”

But the Good Morning Britain host added that she now has a different kind of relationship with them, one that has inevitably brought them even closer as a family.

“I’m able to have a more grown-up, funny, chatty relationship with them, where they’re hugely independent but they still need you,” she smiled.

“That’s lovely.”

Speaking proudly of her boys, she also revealed how they spoilt her on her 50th birthday.

Susanna celebrated the milestone in December last year but due to Covid, proper celebrations have been put on hold.

Her sons however, tried to make it one to remember anyway.

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“My sons are great boys, they made my birthday the best ever,” she told You Magazine.

“I always decorate the kitchen for their birthdays. I’ll put up decorations, glitter all over the table with the presents so it’s like a little birthday explosion for them.

“So the night before my birthday I could hear them downstairs giggling. My middle son came upstairs and said, ‘Mum, if you could have the perfect breakfast, what would it be?'”

Susanna grinned as she told the publication her go-to brekkie would be avocado and smoked salmon.

“I thought, ‘We’ve definitely got those in!'” she laughed.

“I heard the giggles again downstairs. They had to find the food. They told me I wasn’t allowed to come downstairs.

I started getting snaps of the inside of the fridge on my phone and messages, ‘Mum, if I was craving an avocado right now, where would I find it?’

“When you’ve tried to make every birthday special for them and now they want to do it for you, there’s something magical about that.”

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