Summer Walker ‘Disappointed’ After Label Tells Her to Refrain From Posting About Protests

The ‘Playing Games’ songstress calls out her record label for telling her to tone down her posts about deep state and protesters because they’re ‘too sensitive.’

AceShowbiz -While Summer Walker is widely known for her thirst-trap posts on Instagram, she has been lately sharing her thoughts on Black Lives Matter protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death. The singer has often spoken out against misguided rioters and deep state, which apparently has sparked her label’s concern.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, June 3, the 24-year-old revealed that her record label has urged her to tone down her posts about such “sensitive” issues, but she’s clearly not happy about it. In her post, the Atlanta-born star complained that the label never told her to hold back from posting sexy contents, but when it comes to serious issues, the company is against it.

“You can talk about your p***y and post your ass, talk about buying worthless jewelry instead of businesses and property, flex money, and disrespect your women. AND NONE OF THAT IS INSENSITIVE,” she wrote. “But trying to warn people that DEEP STATE IS FINNESSING YOU ALL AND TRYING TO TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHTS, IS TOO SENSITIVE.”

Deep state is a conspiracy theory which suggests that collusion and cronyism exist within the U.S. political system and constitute a hidden government within the legitimately elected government.

Summer continued, “Black, White, Hispanic, Chinese, Indian THE DEEP STATE IS FINNESING US ALL, but my label just told me that this information is too sensitive, but I NEVER got a call about me clapping my ass in panties is to sensitive. Surprised? No Disappointed? Yes And ima leave it at that cause I don’t wanna disrespect nobody.”

Summer previously wiped her Instagram page clean after she shared a controversial post that falsely blamed Chinese people for the spread of coronavirus. In a clip titled “People in China Seen Spreading The Coronavirus to The Public,” some apparent Asian guys were seen using their saliva to clean the wall of elevators in two different occasions. Some of her followers later pointed out, the video that she re-posted was apparently taken two years ago and had nothing to do with the Coronavirus outbreak.

Since then, Summer is more active on her other account using the name @galactawhore. Later in May, she shared a conspiracy theory about the coronavirus crisis, suggesting that the pandemic was part of the larger plan for population control.

“All I want to know is if these mf were so concerned with population control why don’t they put a limit on having children all over the world like China a long time ago,” she wrote. “You can have 1 MAYBE 2 & das it and das law, but with these 8 children families would simply be prohibited. Instead of going down the Georgia Guiding Stones and deciding to say we’re screwed, let’s create a bogus martial law enforcement law and throw everyone into the fema camps by mass murdering.”

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