Sister Wives' Kody Brown and His Wives Reveal How They're Social Distancing

Making it work. Kody Brown and wives Christine, Meri, Robyn and Jannelle Brown are doing their best to keep busy while social distancing, but it’s tougher for some than others.

In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, the Sister Wives cast revealed how they’ve been handling living in quarantine — and not being able to see each other.

“Normal life has ceased for me, my wives and our family. We’re all working from home, however, some of us are not able to do necessary travel for work, and some of our entire industries are shut down,” Kody, 51, said. “Two of my wives run an online business so they are still working remotely but they aren’t able to do some of the in-person tasks they normally do. Overall there have been some setbacks and some things have slowed down significantly.”

The reality star explained that he and Christine, 47, Meri, 49, Robyn, 41, and Jannelle, 50, are in constant communication but don’t have “much to discuss” other than checking in on the kids. Between all of them, they share 18 children, nine who are 18 or younger.

“We’re still in contact and talking a lot, but because nothing is going on in our lives, life has gotten a bit boring. There’s not much to discuss other than checking in on the kids, who are doing school from home,” the salesman added. “There’s no new news within our family but obviously we’re keeping updated about the news of the world. Instead of talking about the weather we’re talking about coronavirus. The discussions have shifted to obsession! We’ve been asking each other, ‘Do you have any friends or know anybody who has it?’ Other than that, there’s not much else to talk about.”

During the recent season of Sister Wives, Kody and Meri have been open about their marital struggles. The pair, who have been married for 29 years, visited couples therapy together during the Sunday, April 6, episode. While visiting, Meri was admitted that they’ve had a “rocky relationship” for a long time.

“The relationship between he and I is gone,” she shared. “It’s dead. It’s over.”

Scroll through the gallery below to hear more from Kody and his four wives. The finale of Sister Wives airs on TLC Sunday, April 12, at 10 p.m. ET.

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