'RHOP': Monique Samuels Tearfully Pleads for Public's Help to Find Her Missing Pet Parrot

Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Potomac has barely started its run, but fans already met Monique Samuels’ new baby, T’Challa.

The African grey parrot may not have stolen viewers’ attention as much as her son Chase or the impending fight scene, but he’s important to her. Now, Samuels’ feathered family member is missing and she’s beyond upset.

Monique Samuels introduced her parrot on ‘RHOP’

Unless you’ve been keeping up with Samuels on social media, then your first introduction to T’Challa the parrot was probably in episode 1 of RHOP. She talked about her love for animals and called him a stress reliever, and fans saw her potty training him.

So strong is Samuels’ love for T’Challa that she put him on a leash and took him on a visit to Karen Huger’s house. That startled the daylights out of Huger, but she saw a new side of Samuels when she walked in with the bird on her shoulder and talked to it.

Off camera, T’Challa shows up in Samuels’ Instagram Stories where he’s still learning to talk and follow her directions. In an interview with Ashley Holt, she said she bought him because he reminds her of her childhood when things were carefree and peaceful.

Monique’s parrot T’Challa went missing

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Samuels’ parrot is missing in Potomac. She took to Instagram to ask locals for help in locating him. She said they were outside this morning (Aug. 9) having coffee when he suddenly flew off.

She believes something frightened him. Samuels spent hours looking for him and hanging up flyers before heading back home.

She explained that her mother advised her to wait until nighttime to search again but she’s pleading for people to keep an eye out for her red-tailed grey parrot. She’s hoping that T’Challa gets hungry and can find his way back and isn’t stuck high up in a tree somewhere. Samuels said she is devastated.

Fans tossed out some tips in her comments section with some advising her to play African grey parrot calls and sounds via Bluetooth. Others suggested she listen for his sounds and to leave out his favorite treats. Most fans are empathizing with Samuels and are sending their well-wishes and prayers.

Samuels may take a break from social media

It’s customary for Real Housewives cast members to participate in social media chats — typically via Twitter — while a new episode is on the air.

Episode 2 is due to drop tonight, but Samuels said she may sit out the live chat because of what’s going on with T’Challa. During her Instagram Live session, she indicated that although she has plenty to say about the new episode, she may not make it.

On a lighter note, Samuels has a new single out called “Drag Queens” and also released a parenting book about potty training. If you watched the first episode, then you saw how she had nine-month-old Chase already on a tiny commode, which is something he’s been doing since age four months. Hopefully, Samuels will find her fourth baby T’Challa soon.

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