Real Housewives Star Gizelle Bryant Labeled Disgusting for Using Gay Slur on Podcast

The ‘Housewives of Potomac’ series regular was discussing Jussie Smollet’s hate crime hoax case with co-host Robyn Dixon when she threw in the offensive word choice.

AceShowbizGizelle Bryant has been slapped with a “disgusting” label. The series regular of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” drew plenty of backlash from fans after many noticed that she was using gay slur in the Monday, April 3 episode of her “Reasonably Shady” podcast.

During the April 3 episode, the 52-year-old brought up the topic of Jussie Smollet‘s hate crime hoax case which was featured in a Fox Nation documentary. Speaking to co-host Robyn Dixon, she first mentioned, “What he did was, in case you guys don’t remember, was he staged a hate crime.”

“So they were supposed to put a noose around his neck, they were supposed to call him ‘f**got’ or something … gay empire boy or something,” Gizelle continued explaining, while Robyn could be heard drawing a long sigh over her co-host’s choice of word.

Seemingly realizing why Robyn let out such a reaction, Gizelle went on to clarify her statement. “They were supposed to scream that,” she stated. “These were the words that Jussie gave the trainers to do.”

Gizelle’s slip was quickly noticed by social media users. One in particular tweeted a 16-second audio excerpt from the April 3 episode in which the TV personality threw in the offensive word. Along with the clip, the user blasted her, “Gizelle bryant saying the F slur on her podcast is everything i needed today.”

The tweet drew a similar response from other users. One labeled Gizelle, “What a disgusting woman.” A second one chimed in, “Not her pretending to hesitate saying that word when you know she probably says it on a regular basis. A true actress [laughing emoji].”

The backlash did not stop there. A third one commented, “It’s the ‘…or something’ that has be tripped up. She knows what she said.” Meanwhile, a fourth made a note, “She’s definitely said it before.” Others, on the other hand, questioned how the episode passed censorship. One asked, “Who let this past the edit,” while another stated, “And they still put this out.”

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