Rapper Khia Accuses Tamar Braxton of Faking Suicide Attempt in Order to Be Released From Her Contract With We TV

Tamar Braxton says she’s on the path to healing after her recent hospitalization. The Braxton Family Values star is in the process of ending her relationship with We TV after more than a decade with the network. She’s happy to be free from her contractual obligations for her reality show. But rapper Khia believes Braxton’s hospitalization is a ploy to end her relationship with We TV.

A recap of Tamar Braxton’s hospitalization

Braxton’s boyfriend, David Adefeso, found her unresponsive and called for help. During the 911 call, Adefeso says Braxton became upset with her network after the trailer for her spinoff series was put out, leaving Braxton feeling blindsided.

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Braxton’s been open about her unhappiness with We TV. She accuses the network of contributing to the demise of her famous family by documenting drama and underpaying them.

Braxton recently let fans know that she’s receiving treatment for her mental health.

We TV announces end of their relationship with Tamar Braxton

Braxton says We TV has been exploiting her for several years. She claims she’s requested to be released from her contract several times but alleges she’s been ignored. 

In a statement obtained by Variety, We TV reveals they are ending their relationship with Braxton after 11 years of her being with the network, writing they “will work with her representatives to honor her request to end all future work for the network.”

TMZ reports that the show will still air. Initially, Braxton’s spinoff was to air in July but is now delayed to September 10. The media outlet says We TV will not edit any of the footage despite Braxton’s unhappiness with her portrayal. 

Khia accuse Tamar Braxton of faking suicide attempt in order to be released from We TV

Braxton is continuing to speak about what led to her wanting to end her life. She recently blasted reports of her boyfriend having a negative and controlling influence in her life, saying that he’s been by her side throughout the ordeal.

One person who does not believe Braxton’s hospitalization story is Khia. Khia claims Braxton staged the attempt to get out of her contract with We TV. She made the claims on a recent episode of her digital show, Gag Order.

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“Seems like playing possum might have had its benefits. People say you can fake an orgasm but you can’t fake your death to get out of no contract. People say, ‘Maybe you did.’ WeTV released Tamar from her contract after she took Tylenol PMs, took a nap and faked dying,” she says of Braxton.

Furthermore, Khia takes offense to Braxton praising her boyfriend and takes shots at Braxton’s parenting. The Jasmine Brand shared Khia’s remarks. 

“Big Jaw, you are being charged with giving the wrong man all the praise, playing possum to secure the bag, and forgetting about Logan. B*tch, you must’ve had amnesia…b*tch, how you gon’ forget about Logan? ‘Cause you didn’t want him in the first place.”

Braxton hasn’t commented on Khia’s comments.

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