Radio 1 DJ Chris Stark breaks silence on Mila Kunis interview: ‘Thought I’d screwed it up’

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Chris Stark, 33, spoke to Mila Kunis for his first-ever broadcast interview seven years ago on BBC Radio One, during her press run for Oz: The Great And The Powerful. The DJ admitted that looking back on the conversation now he wished he had done more research before meeting the Hollywood A-lister, as he proceeded to ask her questions on whether she drank Jagerbombs and would consider wearing a Watford Football Club jersey.

I didn’t have the confidence

Chris Stark

The now infamous interview has been viewed over 14 million times and shows a then 25-year-old Chris looking nervous as he admitted being “petrified” in the actress’ presence.

Many fans found the footage to be hilariously relatable after it spread like wildfire on social media, however, Chris has now exclusively told that he thought the conversation with Mila was going to cost him his BBC Radio One job.

He shared: “With the Mila Kunis thing, that was just me being me, but I can’t tell you the fear when I had done that interview and I told Scott [Mills].

“I thought I had screwed it up, I didn’t have the confidence then. I actually thought that was game over. 

“There’s been a couple of times at Radio One where I thought that’s it, game over. That’s the end of my attempt at working on my favourite radio station.”

But despite Chris’ nerves, the interview proved to be a huge success, with Mila calling it her “best interview ever”.

Chris continued: “It was my first experience of just be yourself, and actually people will like you for that or at least be intrigued by you or want to support you. Just for doing something slightly different to how everyone else is doing it.

“It was my first lesson of just be yourself and that is enough.”

In one of the highlights from the conversation between the pair, Chris asked the star if it was “nice to be ugly for a change” in reference to her role as the unattractive wicked witch Theodora in Oz: The Great And The Powerful.

“Err, thank you,” replied the actress, struggling to fight off the giggles.

She added: “I suppose it was nice to use prosthetics and not think about what I looked like all of the time.”

Chris admitted that he had asked mostly questions based on real-life instead of the movie she was promoting, due to his “lack of film knowledge”.

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He explained: “In the scenario with Mila, a lack of film knowledge probably didn’t help me, so we just talked real life, I invited her to a Watford game, and we chatted about Nandos. 

“It was clear the PR people were getting really annoyed by me, but she was really enjoying it,” he added.

Since that interview, Chris has gone on to have huge success co-hosting the Scott Mills show on Radio One with a loyal base of fans.

He has now released Eat Sleep Zoom Reheat, as a guide to help university students cook nutritious meals.

Chris said of his reasoning behind the concept: “I just wanted to make a student cookbook that was written by a student because when I looked into it and I had this idea, I found that student cookbooks were extremely phoney and incredibly patronising. 

“Frankly they didn’t seem to be written by students. So I just wanted to make something where if there is a student going to university, that’s exactly like me and doesn’t have a clue how to cook or just wanted a bit of inspiration, then at least they would get a book that’s written by someone that went.

“It’s just been really fun. I have never made anything like this.

“I’m really pleased we have managed to make it happen.”

 Eat Sleep Zoom Reheat by Chris Stark out now. 

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