Princess Beatrice & Edoardo went on a ‘small honeymoon in France’

Looks like People Magazine’s sources were right and the Daily Mail’s sources were wrong. It’s interesting when that happens! In the immediate aftermath of Princess Beatrice’s wedding to Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi two Fridays ago, the Mail claimed that Bea and Edo would wait to travel and wait to go on any kind of honeymoon because of the pandemic. But People’s sources confirmed that Bea and Edo were planning on a quick honeymoon “soon.” Now it looks like they’ve already jetted off to France:

Soon after tying the knot in a secret ceremony on July 17, Princess Beatrice and her new husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi took off on a low-key honeymoon.

“They are on a small honeymoon in France,” a source tells PEOPLE, adding that the newlyweds are also planning on a more elaborate trip for next month. “They have a longer more luxurious honeymoon planned for August,” the source adds.

The laid-back trip to France follows their whirlwind wedding ceremony, which came together in just two weeks after the wedding ban due to lockdown measures in the U.K. was lifted.

Beatrice and Mapelli Mozzi “jumped at the chance” to wed after their initial May ceremony was canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “They were both desperate for it to happen. They wanted everything to be very classic and elegant; small but refined. It felt super- romantic and lovely,” a friend tells PEOPLE.

“They’re terribly happy. They’re besotted with each other,” says a source close to the family. “They’re down-to-earth and fun and have a great sense of humor.”

[From People]

As an American, all I can say is… it must be nice to travel internationally. Most countries have banned Americans and for good reason, because there are too many maskless idiots here and too many Americans think masks are a “political issue.” It’s such a dumb time to be an American. But I digress… I thought British peeps would have a harder time going to European Union countries because of Brexit but apparently France is not currently in lockdown and is exempt from the advisory against “all but essential travel” for British citizens. I wonder about the “more luxurious honeymoon” in August. LMAO – Beatrice and her vacations. She loves vacationing more than Will and Kate and that says a lot.

As for “They’re besotted with each other” – again, that’s not my vibe. I think part of the reason why the Queen/palace stage-managed the wedding so much is because this is actually a pretty traditional “arranged marriage” for British royals. It’s not about love, it’s about availability and access and duty.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Buckingham Palace.

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