Prince Harry Honors Late Grandfather Prince Philip In New Statement

Thursday was Earth Day, and we all know Earth could use some love right now!

Amateur royal experts will know that protecting Mother Nature was a big priority for the late Prince Philip, and now Prince Harry (who shares the same passion) used the special day to honor his grandfather. In a new statement shared by African Parks, the Duke of Sussex wrote:

“On this Earth Day, I reflect on generations of conservation champions, including my late grandfather, and feel proud and energized to continue doing my part in this legacy.”

Along with a video shared on Twitter promoting the work of the organization which Meghan Markle’s husband has been president of since 2017 (below), the royal said:

“This year especially, I join the incredible African Parks team and communities around the world in shared dedication to our environment and collective wellbeing.”

While narrating the new clip aptly titled Hope Starts Here, the podcaster added during a voice over:

“Hope starts here with the places that we are protecting now to ensure a healthy future for us all.”

Ch-ch-check it out — and see some incredible scenery totally worth protecting!

Such a thoughtful way to mark this important day while also remembering his grandfather, who passed just weeks ago.

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