Prepare to Be Fully Enamored With Shay Mitchell's Boyfriend Matte Babel

Shay Mitchell recently welcomed her second daughter (hi, Rome 😍), and her family is inarguably adorable. If you’re late to the game, please be advised that Shay shares two sweet girls with her longtime partner Matte Babel, whom she’s been dating since 2017. And their relationship is best described as cute with a side of trolling? Anyway, time to get to know Matte better—and nosily dive into his and Shay’s private life while we’re at it.

Matte Works With Drake (Casual)

Matte is the Chief Brand Officer at Dreamcrew, which is Drake’s management and entertainment group (they produce HBO’s Euphoria, no bigs). Just check out his Insta bio—he has a lot going on.

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Shay actually chatted a bit about their friendship with Drake while trying to deny that she and Matte were dating back in 2017 (lol).

Their Relationship ~Ebbed and Flowed~ During the Pandemic

Shay summed up the vibe between her and Matte to Us Weekly, saying, “One minute I’m like, ‘You stay on this side of the bedroom, I’ll be on this side, do not cross this line.’ You know? And then other days I’m like, ‘Oh, this is awesome. I feel very grateful that I have you here to watch this Netflix show.’ You know what I mean? So it comes in ebbs and flows for sure.”

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They’re Not in a Rush to Get Married

Shay told E! News that she isn’t exactly known for doing things “in order” and explained, “I didn’t get married before a child. I had a child, didn’t get married. I don’t really know if that’s in the cards of us. I think we both agree, maybe it’s just me.”

She added that having flexibility in the relationship actually “keeps it sexy.”


Shay also says that Matte is pretty understanding, telling Entertainment Tonight “He’s been like, ‘You sure?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, we work so well right now.’ It’s great and this dynamic just works for us. It may not always be the correct way but it works. That’s how I sort of have to go, you know, that’s how I do it.”

They’re Pretty Public About Their Relationship

On top of documenting Shay’s entire pregnancy on her YouTube channel, the couple semi-recently sat down for a relationship quiz so fans could get to know them better.

Things we learned?

Also, please enjoy this video of Shay surprising Matte with a sexy calendar.

He Gets Trolled By Shay…So Much

Just leaving these here….

I’m busy pushing out a human and you’re…

I can’t stop laughing 🤣

Because someone will always close it right… 😂. Inspo: @tay_richard

‘Kay, on that note, officially obsessed with these two, bye!

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