Phillip Schofield details call from Holly Willoughby urging him ‘don’t be that man’

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Phillip Schofield, 58, recalled the “raucous” evening he and Holly Willoughby won an award at the National Television Awards for This Morning back in 2016, as he shared as an extract from his upcoming autobiography on social media. The TV duo ended the evening “p**sed in McDonald’s” showing off their prize to staff members before they ended up getting “split up” from each other.

Don’t be the man who is a dissapointment

Holly Willoughby

Phillip had “apparently decided to go home” while his colleague Holly wanted to carry on the night’s celebrations, as she headed over to Ant McPartlin’s home for late-night drinks.

Not letting her colleague end the boozy night early, Holly called Phillip up to see where he had gone and urged him to carry on the evening’s frivolities at Ant’s house with her.

Phillip, while reading a chapter from his upcoming book Life’s What You Make It, said: “I got a call from Holly who turned into Martin Luther King, ‘Where are you?’ she asked.

“‘On the way home,’” Phillip responded.

Holly said: “‘Don’t be that man’ 

“‘What?'” queried Phillip.

‘‘’Don’t be that man,’” Holly reiterated. “‘Don’t be the man that lets the moment pass, don’t be the man that doesn’t celebrate success, don’t be the man who goes home. Don’t be the man who is a disappointment. ‘

“‘Okay, where are you going?’” asked Phillip.

“‘We’re going to Ant’s I’ll meet you there,’” finished Holly.

The footage of Holly and Phillip appearing on This Morning the night after winning the award for Best Daytime Show in 2016 quickly went viral online.

The usually composed TV hosts turned up to film the show wearing their outfits from the night before and admitted to still being a little drunk.

They explained to viewers they hadn’t been home yet, after hitting an after-party at Ant McPartlin’s house before heading straight into work at the ITV studios that morning.

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Holly’s white frock was stained with “mustard and piccalilli” according to the star, while both presenters sported red eyes.

At the time, Phillip apologised to viewers as he explained: “We’re in a mess. We can only apologise. We celebrated on behalf of every one of you.”

As the 58-year-old is gearing up to release his autobiography Life’s What You Make It on October 15, he has been sharing snippets on his social media.

The book will also discuss other career and personal revelations that are sure to make the book become an instant bestseller.

On Amazon, it is already set to pre-order and is described as being “bravely honest and uplifting”.

The blurb for the autobiography written by Phillip reads: “For a long time, I felt that I couldn’t write this book. 

“At first, I didn’t think I’d lived enough, then life got busy and filled with distractions. In more recent years, there was always a very painful consideration – I knew where it would eventually have to go.

“I have recently decided that the truth is the only thing that can set me free. The truth has taken a long time to make itself clear to me, but now is the right time to share it, all of it.”

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