Paul McCartney: Beatles legend shows off youthful looks while receiving Covid jab

BBC archive interview with Paul McCartney and girlfriend Jane Asher

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Paul McCartney, 79, has shown off his toned arms today on Twitter as he received a Covid jab and encouraged his followers to do the same. The Beatles legend claimed it was “cool” to be getting his vaccination and he was pictured wearing a paisley print mask and a blue beanie hat.

Paul typed: “BE COOL. GET VAX’D – Paul.”

In response, fans praised the star for his “much younger” looking arms as they took to the comment section.

One said: “You have the arm of a much younger gentleman. I swear rich people have access to things we don’t know about.”

A second commented: “I’m sure he got it way back and decided to post it now for a positive message.”

While a third remarked: “Love that you shared this.”

However, some others were not happy about Paul getting the vaccine they questioned his decision.

Another typed: “I’d rather be free than cool Sir Paul… a feeling one of your ex-bandmates would have felt the same……..”

A fifth said: “I thought you were in the first age group yonks ago? Why did you delay?”

The most vulnerable groups of people were vaccinated at the beginning of the year, including those suffering from long-term illness and those over 70.

It is unclear when Paul first received the vaccine and when the photo was taken, however, it was evident The Beatle star wanted to spread the benefits of being vaccinated to his legion of fans.

It comes as the singer-songwriter recently confessed he sometimes needs to use a teleprompter to recall his song lyrics, as he can get distracted by things such as “what he will have for dinner”.

The Beatles star said when he sings he goes into “autopilot” mode and uses the visual aid to help focus on the words.

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He told US podcast Smartless: “Sometimes I’ll be doing a song, like Eleanor Rigby or something, and I’m on autopilot.

“And I’m starting to think, ‘Oh, what am I gonna have for dinner?’ Maybe you won’t have the soup but maybe you’ll just go for the main course’.

“Then I go, ‘Stop!’ because I’m singing Eleanor Rigby!

“I’ve separated myself not only from Paul and fame, but a couple of bits in my head are going in different places.

“Sometimes that breaks down and I forget the song. I have a teleprompter.”

Meanwhile, Paul admitted that he knows the level of his fame, but prefers to chat with fans instead of taking selfies with them.

He said: “I know I’m very famous but I don’t want to walk around like I’m very famous.

“I don’t like to take pictures when people say, ‘Can I have a picture?’ So I say, ‘I’m sorry, I don’t do pictures.’

“I sometimes feel like saying, ‘Look, I’m happy to talk to you. But the minute you put your arm around me, I feel like the monkey in Saint-Tropez.

“’Come and have a picture taken with the monkey’. And I don’t like that. It puts me off.”

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