Oscar De La Hoya Denies Vindictive and Unjust Sexual Assault Accusations

Oscar De La Hoya Denies Vindictive and Unjust Sexual Assault Accusations

The boxing Hall of Famer adamantly denies the explosive allegations he sexually assaulted a female former co-worker that causes ‘severe physical and emotional damage.’

AceShowbizOscar De La Hoya has responded to accusations that he sexually assaulted his female former co-worker. The boxing Hall of Famer, via his representative, has adamantly denied the explosive allegations.

The former professional boxer’s spokesperson told TMZ on Wednesday, April 20, “Unfortunately, with the twenty-four-hour news cycle, we find ourselves today, more often than not, as the recipient of vindictive and unjust accusations that are interpreted and spread as truth — without any evidence to support erroneous claims.” He also accused the ex-employee of being “bitter” after she’s fired by him.

Despite the serious allegations, Oscar stated that he believes his name will be cleared. “I am confident my legal team will resolve this matter and prove my innocence,” said the 49-year-old former athlete.

Earlier that day, Oscar found himself being named in the suit filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court by an executive at Casa Mexico Tequila, a company with which he’s a partner. In the court documents, an unnamed woman accused him of two instances of sexual assault that allegedly occurred in 2020.

The woman alleged that in March 2020, Oscar came to her hotel room during her trip to Mexico at the Casa Mexico Tequila distillery. She claimed that he banged on her door with his pants around his ankles before pushing his way into her room and got into her bed. “She pushed him from the bed and walked him to his room, opened his door, and immediately returned to her own room,” the suit added.

The woman further insisted that she was sexually assaulted the next morning after she went to Oscar’s room to wake him up for the distillery tour. She explained that he “pulled [her] into his bed, where he sexually assaulted [her].”

It wasn’t the only instance she mentioned. When they returned to Los Angeles, a group involving Casa Mexico executives, Oscar and the woman met for dinner. When the group went back to the former boxer’s house, the woman alleged he once again sexually assaulted her.

The woman said that she told Casa Mexico founder Don Buccio about the assaults after they first occurred but the company took no action. The woman, who was relatively new at the company at the time, added she remained silent because she’s worried about any backlash.

“[She] has been severely impacted and has filed a lawsuit to hold [Oscar] accountable and those perpetuating toxic masculinity and a hostile work environment where her abuse was not just tolerated, but encouraged and condoned by Casa Mexico’s executives, Michael Gooch and Robert Crossan,” the woman’s lawyer, Sylvia Torres-Guillen, said. “As a survivor of this abuse, she wants others to know this behavior is unacceptable and it doesn’t matter who you are. We will seek justice on her behalf.”

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