North Carolina Bridge Collapses Live on Air, News Crew Barely Escapes

A reporter and photographer are beyond lucky to be alive after raging floodwater washed away a bridge right from under their feet … and it happened while they were live on TV.

The scary incident went down Thursday in Alexander County, N.C. on the Hiddenite Bridge where FOX 46 reporter Amber Roberts was in the middle of her live report when a huge chunk of the bridge broke off and fell into the water.

Check out the video … Amber screams in terror as she quickly realizes the danger just a few feet away from her and her crew. The collapse left about a 10-foot wide gap in the bridge, and you can see a man on the other side fleeing to safety.

Amber didn’t waste any time sending it back to the studio after narrowly avoiding catastrophe. The Carolinas are getting slammed with heavy rain … triggering flash flood warnings across several counties. More than a dozen campers were trapped by the rising water.

Rescue crews are still trying to reach them — hopefully, they make it out safely like Amber and her crew.

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