Monty Don suffers major wardrobe issues behind scenes on Gardeners’ World: ‘Spilt blood’

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Monty Don, 70, explained to his Twitter followers that he always has a “duplicate shirt” on hand while filming, should he spill any “coffee, blood etc” down himself. However, the recent rising temperatures prompted the gardening expert to change his top a record number four times behind the scenes.

Today was exceptional

Monty Don

He wrote to his 194,500 followers: “I always have duplicate shirt for filming to cover continuity for spilt coffee, blood etc, but today was exceptional – truly very hot. 

“By 3pm it had become a fourth shirt filming day…” Monty added.

The admission from the star caused a flurry of questions from his loyal fan base.

One said: “Question. How many homes in England have any kind of air conditioning? Life here would be impossible without it. Can you retreat to any place that is cooler?”

Monty responded: “I have never known a British private home with air conditioning. They may exist but are very rare.”

A second interjected: “Why haven’t the Brits installed air conditioning by now? You are regularly having hotter summers – even a few window units would make a difference. I remember growing up in UK with no heating!!!”

The TV presenter answered: “Terrible waste of energy and we rarely have hot days for more than a day or two at a time.”

While a third typed: “I thought you were on holiday this week? Did Nellie’s accident scupper your plans? It’s stifling here but we’ve had a little rain & now it’s starting to cloud over. Thunder is rumbling around and there’s a bit more breeze. 35 C yesterday. Similar today.”

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It’s tough- Nell ( fully recovered) doesn’t understand why i won’t throw a stick for her. But never again.

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Monty confessed: “I haven’t had a holiday in the past 12 months! I sometimes take time away from GW to do other things and we also film a week in advance.”

It comes after Monty shared in harrowing details how his five-year-old dog “speared her throat” after chasing a stick.

The Gardeners’ World star told his followers that the consequences for the dog were almost fatal, as the stick missed her “arteries by millimetres”.

He originally announced: “Last night Nellie had a very near miss. 

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“Chasing a stick, she impaled herself on it and speared her throat, missing two arteries by millimetres.

“Thanks to our brilliant vet, working at night, she is fine – if very sorry for herself. 

“So please DONT THROW STICKS FOR DOGS,” the gardening expert urged.

Monty explained he had “cleaned” the wound and the dog had “lots of quite large material removed”.

Nellie was treated after surgery with a course of “antibiotics prescribed by the vet”.

However, it seems as though the golden retriever has not learnt her lesson from the incident, as Monty revealed she was back ready to play with sticks once more earlier this week.

In an image uploaded to his Instagram, Nellie sat patiently looking at her owner waiting to be thrown a stick.

Monty explained: “It’s tough – Nell (fully recovered) doesn’t understand why i won’t throw a stick for her. But never again.”

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