Matt Roloff: I Did Not Kick Amy Off the Farm!

Little People, Big World is back.

And so is the alleged feud between Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff.

All through last season, viewers watched uncomfortably as the former spouses clashed — seemingly for the first time — over the future of Roloff Farms.

Matt wanted Amy to sell him her portion of the land… while Amy was reluctant to do so.

Eventually, however, the reality stars reached an agreement, which is basically where this week’s Season 20 opener kicked off:

Amy had sold her piece of the property to Matt; was still residing in the main farm house; and was pondering when, exactly, she’d be able to move away.

“I’m really hoping I’m not still here during the holidays,” Amy on air at one point, feeling pressure to find a new residence.

(Editor’s note: Amy has since done so, and doesn’t seem totally thrilled about it.)

Elsewhere on the premiere, Zach Roloff even admitted that “my dad, he would get mad if my mom’s still in the house in March,” imagining that Matt would say or think the following:

Wait a minute. How long has it been that you said you’re going to move out? … What’s your plan here? What are you doing?

Based on the way some of these negotiations and discussions were framed on Tuesday’s episode, some fans jumped all over Matt for his treatment of Amy.

“It is just sad to know that Amy was pushed off of the farm,” one critic wrote, for example, adding:

“Now the farm will eventually go to [Caryn Chandler’s] children. This is what happened in my life. I can’t even watch anymore. It is too sad for me.

“Poor Amy doesn’t even know what this all means for her children and grandchildren. So sad.”

This was quite the assumption for the commenter to jump to, as Matt pointed out in his above clapback.

Are there really people out there who think Matt swindled Amy out of the farm in order to eventually bequeath it to hsi girlfriend’s offspring?!?

Matt scarcely knew how to even respond to such a theory.

He was at a loss for social media words.

“What? What??? LOL. The farm is in a trust to my kids … at least all my shares are,” he replied, concluding as follows:

“I think it’s Amy’s shares that are in jeopardy of vanishing. It’s crazy comments and horrible assumptions like this that are so ridiculous.”

Just last week, Matt took fans behind the scenes of Little People, Big World.

In a podcast interview, he expounded on his the way the program is filmed and edited, sometimes viewers can get the wrong impression.

“[There’s] a lot of [time] compression,” Matt explained on the podcast “First Class Fatherhood.”

He added that squeezing months of filming into a short season can make it seem like the parents are “always at each other’s throats,” but Matt insists “it’s not quite that way.”

“Let’s say Amy and I are arguing about something,” he said.

‘We’ve been getting along for six months, and then we have another argument. Well, they throw those two arguments into one episode.

“Just the nature of television really puts out a different impression. … We also realize some [viewers watching the show], they just get it wrong sometimes.”

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