Man Pleads Guilty to Having Sex with Cow in England

A British guy is going to have to wait until the cows come home to shake this saga — ’cause he’s now known as the dude who got off with cattle.

25-year-old Liam Brown pled guilty this week to sexual penetration with a living animal and causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal during a hearing at the Poole Magistrates Court … according to the Daily Mail.

It reportedly all stems from an incident last summer when Brown was caught red-handed doing the deed with a young calf on a farm in the town of Burton. Apparently, he fell victim to some booby traps set by the farmers.

You see these landowners say they’d suspected for a while that their bovines were being abused, so they installed a bunch of alarms/surveillance cams to catch whoever was banging the livestock in the dead of night. Eventually, Brown crept onto the property, triggered the system and was apprehended.

The worst part … they say they know this guy from years ago.

The farmers told the court that members of Brown’s family had actually been employed by them several years ago — so, they were familiar with him since childhood, it seems.

As for how prosecutors were able to prove it was Brown beyond a reasonable doubt … DNA. Indeed, the report says samples from the cow were collected. and they matched his profile.

Brown was reportedly sobbing in court. He’ll be sentenced next month.

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