Love Islands Millie Court shares snap of acne scars amid microneedling journey

Former Love Island star Millie Court has shared snaps highlighting her difficult relationship with her skin as she starts microneedling treatments again.

The Essex native, 26, won season seven of the hit ITV show alongside Liam Reardon, 23.

The TV celebrity turned influencer has now revealed that she has restarted a skin treatment known as microneedling, which helps to keep the skin firm and smooth.

In a string of Instagram stories, Millie posted a snap from before any of her treatments in February 2021, just five months before she entered the famous Love Island villa.

She later followed up with a snap after a microneedling appointment, claiming it helped her through a difficult relationship with her skin.

On the social media site, she stated: "Skin update! For those that don't know, I suffered with severe acne a few years back and it left me with deep scars, textured skin and an uneven surface.

"I still struggle with breakouts regularly which create new scars, so I've been on a journey with microneedling! I haven't had it done in a couple of months as life has got in the way and I've been out of the country but today was my first session back to which I plan to keep up."

In her picture after the treatment, her face is visibly red but she says it is totally normal.

She added: "Felt good to be back at my favourite clinic @skin_revolution_uk it's a tough long old road when it comes to my skin, but perseverance is key.

"Depending on how severe your scars are, it could take months before you see a noticeable difference. However my scars have improved so much over the years so I notice a difference a lot sooner now. But let me remind you how bad they really were."

Millie went onto share a picture of herself from before having any treatments which showed just how far she has come in the journey with her skin.

She says while they might look like spots on her face during that time, they were actually deep purple scars which were as a result of acne.

In response to a fan who messaged the star directly about her own lack of confidence due to skin issues, Millie said: "Please don't ever EVER feel shy/ embarrassed/insecure about it as I promise you, the only person who cares about it is you!!

"Millions of people on this earth suffer with it, I can't tell you how many of you send me dms talking to me about it and I wish I knew then how normal it really is. Please don't let it affect you living your life!!

"Don't let some spots or scars stop you from going out, living life to its fullest and making memories to last a lifetime.

"It's not worth it, you're better than that, you're better than a bad skin day/week/month/year."

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