Lorraine Kellys daughter addresses school mates fancying her mum: They were very clear

Gogglebox: Lorraine Kelly appears in celebrity edition teaser

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Lorraine Kelly, 61, has become a British national treasure, celebrating 35 years on TV last year. She’s been in the public eye the whole of her daughter Rosie’s, 27, life, something the telly star admitted she “couldn’t understand” when she was younger.

I just took it as a compliment

Rosie Kelly-Smith

But as she grew older, Rosie and others began to realise just how much of a well-know figure Ms Kelly really is.

In a new joint interview, the pair chatted about Lorraine’s fame, with Rosie explaining how she dealt with kids at school fancying her mum.

“Some guys at my school did fancy her, and they were very clear about it,” she giggled.

“But I just took it as a compliment.”

The 27-year-old also remembered a time when she was “overwhelmed” by Lorraine’s popularity, after they were bombarded for autographs during a trip to see Mamma Mia! In London when she was around six years old.

“Mamma Mia! had just come out and we were at the premiere, and all these people wanted Mum’s autograph,” she recalled.

“At that age it was all a bit overwhelming, but then Mum being on TV is all I’ve ever known.

“Fortunately, her fame has never been awkward for me.

“She’s not gone on reality TV, never made an arse out of herself.”

But Rosie admitted there were downfalls to having a famous parent.

“I’m not always a great judge of character, but my school friends were, and sometimes they’d tell me that people only wanted to be friends with me because of who Mum was,” she sighed.

“I remember once someone owed me £20, and when I asked for it back they said, ‘Oh, but you can afford it.'”

Rosie tutted: “That’s not how you treat people, is it?”

The mother daughter duo are now working together on some exciting projects, most recently appearing on Channel 4’s Celebrity Gogglebox together and, of course their podcast What If?, featuring many famous guests.

“I love doing our podcast,” Lorraine beamed.

“Much of my job on TV is to talk to people for, like, seven or eight minutes, so to talk to someone for longer is a joy.

“Rosie is the one who asks the interesting questions that make people think. She asked Tim Peake [the astronaut] about being bored up there.”

She continued to tell The Times of how close they are as a family and gushed over the woman her daughter is becoming.

“We’re very close but I’m still Rosie’s mum, right? I’d love to think she tells me everything, but of course she doesn’t.

“You never told your mum everything, did you? I certainly didn’t. But we’re in her corner.”

She added: “If she’s ever in trouble, if she ever needs anything, she just has to call us. She knows that.”

Lorraine and Rosie’s full interview is available to read now in The Times.

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