Lee Latchford-Evans and wife Kerry-Lucy introduce newborn son Leo

Steps star Lee Latchford-Evans and his wife Kerry-Lucy couldn't be more smitten when we catch-up with them before our at-home shoot – and they have good reason to be grinning from ear-to-ear.

Just a week prior, Lee and Kerry welcomed their first child, baby Leo William Keith Latchford-Evans. In our in-depth chat they talk his arrival via C-section and taking to parenthood "naturally". Sign up for free to read their interview and see all of the beautiful pictures from their OK! shoot.

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Adorable Leo was born on 23 July at 12.15pm, weighing a healthy 7lb 6oz.

“I’m completely obsessed,” Kerry, 36, tells us. “He’s a little dreamboat and really cute.”

“We’re not going to send him back,” Lee, 46, jokes. “He’s got quite long arms and massive hands like me.”

Their baby boy arrived via C-section, due to being in the breech position and Kerry suffering with pre-eclampsia. The new parents reveal the birth – although scheduled – wasn’t without its fair share of drama as the anaesthetic didn’t seem to be working at first.

“Lee was like, ‘Relax, calm down.’ I was like, ‘Calm down? I feel like I’m going to feel the scalpel going in!’” Kerry explains.

Thankfully, after some time and lots of anaesthetic it did work, and 10 minutes after starting the procedure they had their newborn baby in their arms.

And the happy couple couldn’t be more chuffed to have Leo – whose middle names are William, after Lee’s late father, and Keith, after Kerry’s dad – in their lives, particularly after going through a devastating miscarriage in 2018.

They tell us that although they don’t know if they can have another child, as it took them a long time to conceive, what they’ve been through together makes them appreciate Leo so much more.

Here, Lee and Kerry open up on their first few weeks as parents, getting emotional after their son’s birth and teaching him about his parents’ musical accomplishments…

Congratulations on little Leo. How have these first few weeks with him been?

Kerry: It feels really natural and like I’ve always been his mummy.

Lee: A friend said to me the way I’m talking about it, it’s not like a nervousness or anxiety, but as if it’s an everyday thing. It’s like he’s been part of the family for a while and we’ve taken to it quite naturally, which is really nice.

Sounds like you’ve already got it sussed…

Kerry: We were kind of winging it in the beginning.

Lee: I’d never changed a nappy in my life and then within two days I’d changed about 12.

Kerry: Lee’s been amazing. Because I had to have a C-section and I couldn’t move or get out of bed, Lee changed all the nappies and did the feeds [in the beginning].

Lee: I did a lot more than I thought I was going to do. Kerry likes to look after people, that’s her natural instinct. So for Kerry not to be able to do anything was quite frustrating for her. You could see she just wanted to help. But now she can carry him around and hold him and move a bit better. We’re a good team.

How did the C-section come about, Kerry?

Kerry: I went for a 36-week scan and they could see that he was breech. He was in a really weird position. They did say I could have him naturally, but the safest way is a C-section. And then on top of that I had pre-eclampsia, so there were all sorts of medical issues going on.

Lee: It was purely for safety for the baby and Kerry. Kerry’s blood pressure was very high, so they were really concerned.

Did you have the C-section booked in or was it an emergency?

Kerry: It was all booked in. At the 36-week scan they said at 39 weeks they would do the C-section, on the 23rd. But then
I thought, “What if he comes early?” Then it would’ve been an emergency C-section.

Lee: Kerry’s a bit of a fighter, she’s like Wonder Woman, so she’s almost immune to any anaesthetic, which was quite scary. They kept checking her and then, when they were about to do the operation, Kerry went, “Ooh, what’s that?” And the doctors went, “Hang on a minute, you can feel that?” Kerry said, “Yeah.”

Kerry: They said, “Describe the pain.” And I said it was like a little scratch, like a needle and they looked a bit like, “Ooh.”

Lee: Yeah, like you shouldn’t be feeling that right now. So they had to stop and give Kerry more drugs and an epidural
and that went on for quite a while.

Kerry: Of course my blood pressure was shooting up. Lee was like, “Relax, calm down.” I was like, “Calm down? I feel like I’m going to feel the scalpel going in!”

Lee: The worrying thing is this happens, it’s not a rarity and some people get knocked out for the birth and that was where it was heading next. I would have had to leave if that happened. I was thinking, “Come on, let’s get this right”, because I wanted to be there and see him and be there for Kerry.

Of course! That’s understandable…

Kerry: The doctors were fantastic and checked my body for all the areas I could feel. And the areas I could feel, they
went in manually with a needle with local anaesthetic, so it completely numbed them. Then there was my Crohn’s as well. They were worried they were going to open me up and find some issues with my intestines. I had all the gastroenterologist surgeons on call, just in case.

Lee: Kerry has suffered for a long time with Crohn’s disease, so they didn’t know what scar tissue they were going to find underneath. That’s why they put in a cannula before the epidural, so they could add in more drugs. Which was good because they had to add in more and more and if they hadn’t have done that we would have been a bit stuck.

Kerry: They were so amazing.

Lee: She was 45 minutes over what she should have been because of the amount of drugs they were putting into her. When they started [the C-section] he came out within 10 minutes. He was quite comfy, wasn’t he?

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What was it like when you finally got to hold him?

Kerry: Oh my God. They lowered the curtains slightly so I could see him be lifted out and it was quite amazing. I saw this little person.

Lee: Let’s just say that moment’s on my phone forever.

Kerry: I just looked at him and said to Lee, “He looks like my dad.”

Lee: It was like a Lion King moment.

Kerry: It was amazing and I could hear him crying when they cleaned him, weighed him and wrapped him up. Lee asked them to give him to me first and he was placed on my chest and had a little cry. Then I gave him a big kiss and he stopped. It was surreal.

Lee: We didn’t know what to expect, so when he came out and got cleaned up and even looking at him now… He’s not ugly, let’s say. We’re quite happy with that and we’re not going to send him back [laughs]. He’s definitely a mix of both sides.

We’re glad it all worked out OK. We love the name Leo…

Kerry: It was a name I thought of at the beginning of the pregnancy.

Lee: It was hovering around and always in our top two or three.

Kerry: The more I thought about it, the more I thought, “I really like it.” Obviously, Lee’s called Lee and I thought, Lee and Leo.

Lee: He does look like a Leo and he can pull it off. When I told my mum about the name she told us a story we didn’t know. It has a double meaning for me now, because my grandad never actually knew his real father and the man that raised him was called Leo and my nan’s maiden name was Lyon. So there are a few links there.

Was it important for you to have both your dads’ names in Leo’s name?

Kerry: I’ve always loved the name William and I know how much Lee’s dad meant to both of us and he would have been such a huge part of Leo’s life, so to have that name in there really meant a lot. With my dad, we said Leo could be our only child, because it took so long for us to have a baby, so we thought, let’s put both of them in there.

Lee: We don’t know if it’s going to happen again and the reality is Kerry’s father Keith will be a massive part of Leo’s life. It’ll be nice to say your middle names are after your grandads. And the first middle name is after your grandad who you’ll never meet, but we can tell you about him and carry that name on, which is really nice.

Kerry: Lee’s already got him registered.

Lee: Everyone said, “When you look at your baby for the first time you’ll break down.” But it’s been so natural for me and Kerry, like he’s always been here, and I felt I hadn’t had that real breakdown moment. But I almost had it in front of a complete stranger looking at the birth certificate. Seeing his name written down brought tears to my eyes.

You haven’t had an easy time becoming parents. Does it make it even more special that you’re now a family?

Kerry: Definitely and I think that’s why it’s feeling quite natural to us. It makes you appreciate him so much more.

Lee: We know what it’s like to be on both sides of the spectrum of having a baby. For it not working and now, fingers crossed, working really well. We’re really blessed. We feel very lucky and very happy it’s finally happened for us. We can’t get over how beautiful he is. All we can do is our best as parents. It’s going to be a huge learning curve and we’ll make mistakes, but I love our team of three.

Things are getting busy with Steps’ tour coming up. How will you balance work with having a baby?

Lee: The band are, and always have been, very supportive of each other and they will be there for me if and when I need them to be. I’ve also obviously got an amazing wife who is so kind and understanding. It’s always difficult leaving Kerry, so to now throw Leo into the mix is going to be even more difficult. Kerry will visit on tour and bring Leo, and I’ll try to get home as much as I can.

You must be proud to tell Leo about all the things you’ve accomplished…

Lee: Definitely. We’ve both worked really hard in our lives. From an audience point of view I’m out there doing it, living the pop star lifestyle, but Kerry’s also a performer, writes songs and runs two businesses, so I think Leo will be proud of both of us.

Kerry: He’ll get to the age where he’ll go, “Oh, Dad’s embarrassing,” and then, as he gets older, he’ll be like, “Actually, Dad’s quite cool!”

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