Laurence Fox refuses to take the knee in solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Laurence Fox has refused to kneel in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter protesters due to its ‘master-servant’ connotations.

The 42-year-old White Lines actor is ‘uncomfortable’ with the action and would only kneel for proposals, the queen or for God.

Discussing the 76th anniversary of the D-Day landings, the actor explained: ‘These men died on the beaches on Normandy so people are free to do what they want and if you want to take a knee, you can take a knee, you just won’t find me doing it.

‘I’m not a particularly religious man but the times I would kneel are to propose, before god or before the queen. It’s a master-servant relationship that comes with taking a knee that I’m uncomfortable with.’

He went on to tell talkRADIO that it’s just his ‘view’ and that everyone else is free to do as they please.

The Lewis star – who called ethnicity lecturer Rachel Boyle racist after she called him a ‘white privileged male’ – also said that he believes the terms ‘racist’ and ‘fascist’ have lost their original meaning.

One of them appeared to be Laurence, who shared on Twitter: ‘Instagram seems to be broken.’

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