Kym Marsh shares fears as ‘intruder’ opens her gate during self-isolation and she dreamed it would happen

Kym Marsh has revealed her confusion after an “intruder” opened her front gate during coronavirus lockdown.

The Coronation Street star, 43, took to Twitter to tell her fans about a dream she had, which was “freaking” her out.

Kym said: “So..something is freaking me out! I had a dream last night that someone told me that an intruder had come through the gate at the front of my house, the gate which is always shut.

"When I came down this morning…the gate was open!!! It’s never just open! I’m freaked."

Kym’s fans were quick to show support, with one writing: “It’s probably just a coincidence that it was open, or maybe it was open when you went to bed you just didn’t notice,” but Kym replied: “No it’s always closed due to our dogs. We have to check incase they get out and we did check x.”

Another person mused: “Someone is watching over you and trying to send a message through your dreams,” to which the Corrie star replied: “You think so?”

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A third person added: “Did u not wake look out of the window, fall asleep assume it was a dream ? Lol and it was actually real all along … just a thought,” [sic] but Kym dismissed the theory, writing: “No i would have had to get out of bed and cross the room to look out the window so I would have remembered that? X” [sic].

Turning to Tarot cards, one fan thought they might find the answer there, and said it could be a “warning.”

They wrote: “I hope you don’t mind, but I threw the cards on this. It doesn’t look bad at all, but it’s a bit of a warning.

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"It feels more metaphorical than physical – like a spirit wants you to keep a person’s negativity away from your energy a bit.”

To which Kym replied: “Oh really?? Ok thank you for that!!! X"

The star recently revealed she’d faced backlash for asking if her son, who is a tiler, should be able to go to work.

The former Coronation Street star was forced off Twitter after facing negative remarks for questioning if David, 24, can go to work amid the current lockdown in the UK due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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The 43-year-old took to social media after Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation on Monday night ordering a lockdown, saying she was confused over whether or not David’s job was in the “essential” category.

The soap star wrote: “What does he mean by travelling to and from work unless absolutely necessary?

“What is considered absolutely necessary?? My son is a tiler going into other people’s homes? Can’t work from home so is this necessary?? I can’t do my job from home so is that ok?? I’m confused? Are you?”

Kym was then met with a barrage of comments saying his job shouldn’t be “essential”, but she hit back insisting that David isn’t currently working and is staying at home.

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