Kourtney Kardashian: PLEASE Talk to Your Kids About White Privilege

As her sister Khloe Kardashian discusses her privilege and as Kendall vows to do better, Kourtney Kardashian is now speaking out.

She’s opening up about the importance of educating not only herself, but her children on racism and white privilege.

Taking to Instagram and also to her Poosh website, Kourtney Kardashian is speaking about being a parent right now.

Specifically, she is discussing the difficult but vitally important discussions that she has to have with her children Mason, Penelope, and Reign.

“As a mother, there is a natural instinct to protect my children,” she begins.

Kourtney acknowledges the impulse to shield her kids “from anything that might make them feel sad or unsafe.”

“The pain and suffering inflicted by racism is not a thing of the past,” Kourtney correctly states.

“And,” she continues, “I [bear] the responsibility to speak with my kids honestly and often about it.”

Kourt notes that she has a moral obligation to do so “even when the truth is uncomfortable.”

Racism is a painful topic, and not only for those who are targeted by racism. The truth can be hard to hear for all of us.

“I have to make sure they understand what it means to have white privilege,” Kourtney affirms.

“And,” she continues, she has “to take the time to learn and discuss Black History.”

Kourt emphasizes that she has to continue this education “beyond just one short month out of the year.”

February is the shortest month of the year, which has always made it an conspicuous choice for Black History Month.

Right now, from coast to coast, millions of Americans are taking to the streets every day.

Millions more are donating money, raising awareness on social media, and using their voices and platforms.

They are doing so in a courageous protest against white supremacy, racism, and horrific police violence.

“I encourage other mothers to join me in using this as a learning lesson for our children,” Kourtney suggests.

Kourtney explains that it is important “to allow our children to feel comfortable enough to come talk to us about anything.”

“Allow conversation without judgement,” she strongly recommends.

“And,” Kourt writes, parents can “learn from our children too.”

A lot of young people have been educating their parents about the protests — particularly those parents who see the skewed version shown on the news.

“We don’t know it all,” Kourtney acknowledges.

“My children sometimes ask questions that I may not know the answers to,” she admits.

“So,” Kourt explains, “we explore them together.”

That is a wonderful way to learn and grow as a family.

“I’ve felt like I’ve always been on the right side of this,” Kourtney expresses.

“But I have a lot to learn,” she wholeheartedly admits.

“And,” Kourt continues, “want to educate myself even more.”

We are all learning and growing — and there is no shame in embracing that we have more to learn.

Part of why she wants to do that is “so that I can be a better mother, a better auntie to my nieces and nephews, a better friend, and a better person.”

That second part is particularly significant, as we will discuss in a moment.

“For the rest of my note on Things I Teach My Children,” Kourtney concludes, “go to poosh.com”

It’s no surprise that she plugged her website in the process but, to be fair, people may have wanted to learn a little more at that point.

We mentioned that it’s imporant that Kourtney acknowledged that, though her children experience white privilege, her niblings do not.

North West, Saint West, Chicago West, Psalm West, True Thompson, Dream Kardashian, and Stormi Webster are all black.

Even with the millions that these sweet children have backing them up, even with celebrity status, they will still experience racism.

Remember that time that Oprah Winfrey was refused entry to a boutique? No amount of status can truly erase racism.

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