Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Are ‘Very Much Together’ Again & ‘Beyond Happ

So far so good!

Things seem to be going pretty well for Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson after they reportedly rekindled their romance earlier this summer following time apart. Granted, the lack of problems could be thanks to staying in close quarters due to the coronavirus pandemic… We mean, you can’t step out on your lady if you literally can’t step out on your lady.

But whatever works!

A source told People that Tristan is actually being a great partner all around right now:

“She loves having him around. He has the best relationship with True. And he has been amazing to Khloé too. They are very much together and Khloé is beyond happy.”

Aww, cute!

The now on-again couple and their 2-year-old daughter have largely been keeping to themselves due to the pandemic, which the Good American founder doesn’t seem to mind:

“They have been living in kind of a bubble and Khloé enjoys it.”

However, what’s going to happen if that bubble bursts? When Thompson’s basketball season with the Cleveland Cavaliers picks up again, it could put a strain on their rekindled romance, per the confidant:

“Tristan’s traveling was always a concern. This is when he would mess up their relationship. She hopes that Tristan has changed though so they can continue to be together as a family.”

What was it Chris Rock said? Men are only as loyal as their options? Ugh, so gross.

If this all ends, and he just cheats on her again, we have a feeling the term Revenge Body is going to take on a whole new meaning.

We can imagine it wasn’t easy for the 36-year-old to take her ex back, especially after his cheating scandal with Jordyn Woods, but co-parenting is their priority, as Khloé explained to People recently:

“So many people don’t understand it, but I lead with love and we put our child first. If you have that mindset, everything else follows easily. We have a family together. Don’t make it more difficult by dragging your feet. This is going to be forever, so we want to make it the best that we can.”

The reality star also got raw about her emotions, sharing:

“Tristan and I needed that time to heal and I needed time to go through my emotions. But now he’s literally one of my best friends. A lot of that has been because of quarantine. We spend a lot of time together with no distractions, and seeing him as a dad and how helpful he is, I’m so grateful. Especially during this time because it’s such an isolating time. I’m really grateful for that support and that additional help.”

The ability to positively co-parent is something she largely credits to the examples set forth by her parents after their own separation, she added:

“Having my parents and seeing how seamlessly it seemed that they did it, we never knew anything negative. I’m sure it was difficult for them too but we never knew anything negative.”

Referencing the relationship her stepfather and father had, as well as the relationship Kylie and Kendall Jenner had with the late Robert Kardashian, Koko continued:

“My stepdad and my dad would play golf would play golf once a week and my dad would come over for dinner once a week and to my little sisters, that was their uncle Robert. We were very close and it was all led with love.”

How do U feel about Khloé and Tristan’s relationship, y’all?? Let us know in the comments (below)!!

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