KFC Had a Brilliant Response To Prince William Checking Out Their Storefront

This picture of Prince William caused quite a stir on social media after he attended an event with wife Kate Middleton.

In the images, the 38-year-old Duke of Cambridge peering into a KFC storefront and eyeing the meal a customer picked up from the popular restaurant chain.

After seeing the photos online, KFC’s UK & Ireland Twitter handle shared another image they took of William, and reposted it to their account, along with some funny captions.

“William whispered quietly to himself; Oh, I just can’t wait to be wing!” the account wrote, having some fun with a play on words, referencing both their chicken and “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” from The Lion King.

KFC then followed it up with another.

“I’m sad I didn’t call him His Royal Thighness in the main tweet tbh.”

William and Kate were out and about to host the launch of the “Hold Still” photography project, spearheaded by the Duchess. Learn more about the project here…

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