Katie Price and Carl Woods unveil wedding plans and hint at controversial entrance plus no exes or celebs will be invited

Katie Price and Carl Woods have opened up about their wedding plans after announcing their engagement.

In an interview exclusively available to OK! VIP members, Katie reveals the big day will be like no other – admitting she doesn’t want a “bog standard affair” and says there'll be no celebrities or exes on the guest list. The star even hints she won’t be walking down the aisle, as Carl teases to “expect the unexpected”.

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It’s been a whirlwind romance for Katie Price and Carl Woods, who started dating last July. Not long after their eyes met at Essex hot spot Sheesh, they had moved in together – not spending a day apart since. And now, they are delighted to exclusively reveal to OK! that they’re engaged!

We met up with the happy couple for this exclusive shoot at Braxted Park Estate, a stunning events venue set within 500 acres of Essex parkland. “I knew when I first met her I was going to propose to her, it was just trying to get it right,” says Carl. And Katie, 42, adds, “I knew he was going to do it but not when.”

Businessman Carl, 32, popped the question at his Essex home after asking reality star Katie’s mum Amy Price, 69, dad Ray Infield, 70, and son Junior, 15, for their blessings.

Katie, also mum to Harvey, 18, Princess, 13, Jett, seven, and Bunny, six, can barely contain her excitement, saying that although it may not be her first rodeo, this is it. And she says even the kids agree this time is different. “It’s the first and last time the ring is going to be off my finger,” Katie says as she slips off her huge sparkler to show us.

Here, Katie and Carl open up about his romantic proposal, her Hollywood-style ring and being more in love than ever…

Congratulations! What’s the reaction to your news been like? Have many people reached out?

Katie: Hundreds of thousands! We’ve had so much love and congratulations! I guess it’s something positive to look forward to after lockdown and everything people have been through this past year. I wish everyone the happiness we have found – Covid brought us together.

Tell us all about the proposal…

Carl: I had the whole house kitted out with balloons and flowers, and a big sign inside that said “Mrs Woods”. So I was assuming she was going to say yes! Then there was a marquee in the garden with loads of flowers and candles. I had a sign saying, “Dolly [Carl’s pet name for Katie], will you marry me?”

Were you surprised, Katie?

Katie: Yes. We’d spoken about it a lot, so I knew he was going to, just not when. It was amazing. Carl asked my mum and dad for permission – and Junior!

Carl: Junior gave me a talking to, like he was my dad! He was asking me if I was sure. He gave me all the pros and cons about his mum and said, “If you’re happy, then I’m happy.” I asked Katie’s dad and he said, “100%.” And her mum was the same.

Were there any tears?

Carl: No. Katie doesn’t cry. She didn’t even out of excitement. She was just shocked.

Katie: I was so shocked! The ring nearly blinded me.

Were you nervous, Carl?

Carl: I didn’t think that I was and then when it was actually happening, I did get really nervous. I was calm and cool and then as it was happening, that’s when, I s**t myself. But I knew the ring would do the talking!

Tell us about the ring…

Carl: The ring had to be perfect. I was recommended a family jeweller, Rankins in east London. Jodie Rankin helped me with the design. I knew what Katie had her eye on and added my own touches. Like Katie, it’s a one-off, a truly stunning piece. I knew when I went to pick it up this was more than special – it left Katie speechless, put it that way! The ring in all is just under seven carats.

Katie: When I saw the ring, I couldn’t believe it. It’s so amazing. I was always looking at rings on Pinterest and saving loads of pictures. He was definitely looking on my Pinterest for ideas. Carl, did you look at my Pinterest?

Carl: Yeah, of course. I wanted to get something you liked.

Katie: I knew he would. And I didn’t have to buy my own ring this time! It was made from scratch and came out of his own money. He designed it – it’s really special. It’s like a fairy-tale ring and massive. It’s like something out of Hollywood. It’s more than I could dream of.

Had you been saving up for it, Carl?

Carl: No. Luckily, I could afford it. But it’s not cheap – it’s made a dent.

How much was it?

Carl: Plenty! It’s expensive, put it that way. It’s eye-watering. A gentlemen doesn’t discuss money – that’s for me to know!

Katie: I know Carl gets bored of girls quickly and he’s very particular. I obviously passed all the tests and now I’m the one who has got a ring. This is real this time.

What will make this marriage different, Katie?

Katie: My head’s in the right place. It’s not rushed, it’s been done properly. Not only am I head over heels in love, my kids approve and my family approve. And the best thing about Carl is he doesn’t need me for anything and I don’t need him for anything. It’s refreshing to be with a man that if I decided I never wanted to work again, he’d look after me. I just love him.

What would you say to people who would say you’ve said this before?

Katie: People can say what they want. Carl has a past too. He’s been engaged before but nobody says anything. My head is just in a different place. Carl has met me as the person I was 10 years ago. I feel fresh. Everything is different. The past is the past – exes are exes, Carl is my future. My family approve of Carl and the kids love him. My kids said they didn’t want to meet someone else unless it was real, The One – period. And Carl is it.

Have you thought about plans for the wedding already?

Carl: We’ve got a few ideas – we’re on the same page.

Katie: Yes, we have lots of ideas. It won’t be a bog-standard affair or boring. Put it this way, the wedding I want, if you googled it, no one has done it before.

Carl: It’ll be completely different.

Katie: I want the focus on Carl as much as me, this is his special day too. No wall-to-wall celeb faces or opening-of-an-envelope guests, or people we don’t know. It’ll be about us, Carl and our family, coming together as one.

Carl: Great food, lots of laughs – fun, top-class entertainment. It won’t be dull with long speeches – expect the unexpected. It will certainly be a day to remember, whatever we end up deciding. It will be about our love for one another and sharing that with our closest and our loved ones.

Katie: 2021, the new not-normal traditional with a Mr and Mrs Woods twist! The wedding bands will be designed by Jodie and Daisy Rankin. I’d like Carl to have diamonds in his.

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When would you like to marry?

Carl: We’ll get married this year. It just all depends on how quickly we can get it organised.

Katie: Yeah, we definitely want to do it this year.

Katie, is your mum’s illness (Amy has a chronic lung disease) an incentive for you to get married sooner rather than later?

Katie: Yes, absolutely, I want my mum well enough to be able to attend the wedding. Time is precious. Also, I want my mum to be able to rest easy knowing I’ve finally found someone I’m happy with.

How did Amy take the news of your engagement?

Katie: Mum’s reaction was the happiest I have seen her in years – she loves the ring. She can’t wait to have Carl as a son-in-law. Mum loves Carl and she knows I will be OK now – it’s given her peace of mind. That means the world to me, that Carl brings that peace to Mum. I love him unconditionally for that.

Do you get on with Carl’s family?

Katie: Yeah. Family is important to Carl, like my family is important to me. If I didn’t get on with his family, there’s no way he’d be with me. I see his family quite a lot. His mum is absolutely stunning. She’s like a doll. Compared with his sister and his mum, I feel like the ugly sister!

You broke your feet on holiday last year. Are you worried your injuries could affect your big day?

Katie: I have good days and bad days. I won’t be in heels on the day. I’ll have to wear trainers, but I’ll make sure they’re glamorous.

Are you still having to use your walking frame?

Katie: I’ve been using crutches, a Zimmer frame and then hanging on to Carl some days.

Does that worry you when it comes to walking down the aisle?

Katie: Who said I’ll be walking down the aisle? I’m not revealing anything but, put it this way – it will be an entrance and a half!

Will there be any celebrity guests at the wedding?

Katie: I don’t need celebrities around me, just the people I see all the time. When I had my breakdown last year, all the people who supported me then are the people who are in my life now. And all the others I got rid of. Anyone draining, who wasn’t good for me, I removed from my life for good. I have different people around me, a whole new support team and management, I only want people at the wedding who are of emotional value, who have really been there for me… for us.

Will you be inviting any of your ex-husbands to the wedding?

Katie: Absolutely not. They’re exes for a reason.

Will you change your name to Katie Woods once you’re married?

Katie: Yes. I have never changed my surname for anyone – but I’m going to change it legally and be known as Katie Woods. I’m proud of it. It’s going to be a new me and a new era.

You’ve admitted you’re trying for a baby. Is that still on the cards?

Katie: It’s pretty obvious that we’ll be having a baby. We’ll leave it at that.

Would you want to be pregnant at your wedding?

Katie: How do you know I won’t be? Who knows! But we’ve got to decide when we’re getting married first.

You hit headlines when you posted a shot of your stomach and everyone thought you were pregnant. What was that about?

Katie: It just goes to show that pictures can be deceiving.

Were you trying to wind people up?

Katie: I wasn’t doing any wind-up. I’ve put on weight, end of. If people think I look pregnant, that’s their take. I know I’ve put on weight but I love it because Carl loves me, it’s not about what the scales say or anyone else’s perception of my shape. I am who I am. Carl loves me just the way I am – to him I’m perfect.

You recently said you’ve always found it hard to trust men. Did it take a while for you to open up to Carl?

Katie: People forget in the very early stages of our relationship I broke my feet and I couldn’t walk. So he was my knight in shining armour. He literally proved he was going to be there in sickness and in health before we’ve even said “I do”. I think most people would have done a runner. Carl has made me the best I could ever be. I’ve been sucked dry in the past. I was mentally abused and broken by everyone. It’s not like I have skeletons in my closet but everyone tried to get everything they could out of me. But now, I can go to sleep at night and I just think, “F**k it.” My bankruptcy is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

In what way?

Because anyone who has ever been in my life before has tried to take from me, financially mostly. Now they can’t, as I’m in a bankruptcy. I love it. It has been a secret security to me that Carl is not with me for any money I have, as I don’t have millions in the bank. I want to stay in bankruptcy as long as I can. It’s only supposed to be a year and I’m like, “No!” The longer I can keep it up, the better for me. I don’t mean that as I will. My accounts are getting back on track, all is in hand and life, work and business are going from strength to strength.

Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding was a bridesmaid at your 2005 wedding. Have you been in contact with her since she revealed her terminal breast cancer diagnosis?

Katie: I actually bought her book the other day. I’d love to meet up with her. It’s not that I’m coming out of the woodwork but I’d like to send her flowers, just to let her know I care. I’ve known her years. Like a lot of us, we go our separate ways, but it doesn’t mean you don’t think of people. Sarah is in my thoughts – I’d love to have a girlie chat with her. She’s been through the mill. I’ll call her, I just don’t want to encroach at a time I understand she wants her family close. I know how it is with my own mum.

Your BBC show Katie Price: Harvey And Me, about Harvey turning 18, was so successful. Do you have any plans for a follow-up?

Katie: Yes. Everyone loves Harvey, he has no idea! In reaching out, sharing our private life, I’m hopefully educating those who were ignorant to what goes into being a parent of a child living with disability. I will stamp out trolls and change the world and its attitude towards others. Harvey’s Law and Track A Troll [Katie’s campaigns] will make the changes needed. I am blown away by the support we’ve had. I am doing it for all those who haven’t had a voice until now.

You recently posted a clip of Harvey smashing a window while frustrated by hiccups. How do you cope in that situation?

Katie: You just get on with it. He had hiccups and I didn’t have a drink near me, so he went for the window. Usually, he bangs his head on the wall, so he did it on the window instead. That’s the real insight into autism and the behaviour. His ears pop when he has hiccups. It hurts him and he hit out. Carl is an amazing, selfless support to me, one I have never known before. Not just for me but the kids, the animals, my hectic life and, most excitingly for the family, we will grow together. Loads of mini Woodses!

Finally, we see you’ve been confirmed for the next series of Celebrity MasterChef…

Katie: I’m not allowed to let any secrets out but, put it this way, I do better than just OK!

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