Kathy Colace: 5 Things To Know About Nikki & Brie Bella’s Mom Who Is Battling Brain Tumor

Nikki and Brie Bella are asking ‘for so many prayers’ as their mom, Kathy Colace, heads into brain surgery for ‘a tumor on her brain stem that has been paralyzing her face.’ Here’s more to know.

UPDATE, 6/30/20, 11:15am ET: Nikki and Brie Bella’s mom, Kathy Colace, was been struggling with a brain tumor that is leading her into surgery on June 30. In an emotional post that Nikki made to her Instagram account the day of the surgery, the former WWE wrestler wrote a loving message about her mom, which included a carousel post of photos of Kathy with family and friends. “Our Mama Bella, our Gigi, our Gato is about to head into brain surgery,” Nikki began the caption to the post. “I ask for so many prayers, so much light and love sent her way. Sadly they found what you can compare to a tumor on her brain stem that has been paralyzing her face.”

Nikki assured fans that she has “faith that the amazing doctors will do an incredible job and our Gigi will be on the road to recovery starting late today. She’s loved by so many of us and just pray that her road to recovery is exactly what we are hoping for so we can put two new grand babies in her arms soon. Love you SOOO much Mom! You have a big Bella Army out here praying for you!!”

ORIGINAL: Kathy Colace, the mother of Nikki Bella and Brie Bella, has appeared on the girls’ reality show, Total Bellas, since its first season in 2016. She is a recurring cast member on the show. However, during season five, she has become an integral part of the storyline, as Nikki and Brie work on reconnecting with their biological father, and Kathy’s ex, Jon Garcia. Kathy was blindsided by the news that Brie and Jon had been spending time together behind her back, and it’s led to some major tension, which will continue into the April 16 episode. Here’s more to know about Kathy:

1. She was with Jon for 15 years. Kathy and Jon were together for 15 years. In addition to Nikki and Brie, they also have a son, JJ Garcia, together. Unfortunately, Kathy and Jon’s relationship grew extremely toxic as the kids got older. During the April 9 episode of Total Bellas, Nikki and Brie reminisced about watching their parents’ troubled relationship over the years. “Seeing how my parents’ marriage was for 15 years, I thought love was a certain way — fighting, arguing and jealousy,” Nikki admitted. “That is not the case.”

2. She re-married in 2016. Kathy is currently married to John Laurinaitis, who she got engaged to in 2015 and married in 2016. Johnny is a retired wrestler and works as a senior producer for the WWE. He has a daughter, Maya, who is an aspiring model, from a previous relationship.

3. She works as a recruiter in Phoenix. Like Nikki and Brie, Kathy lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where she works as a Managing Partner at an executive recruiting firm, JBN & Associates. She founded the company in 1999.

4. She’s done work for the Phoenix Suns. Kathy began serving on the Phoenix Suns Charities Board since 2003, and was the Board President for the 2014-2015 season. She was also on the board for the Suns Nites Hoops.

5. She is a grandmother. Kathy gave birth to Nikki and Brie when she was just 19 years old, so at 55, she is a young grandmother. She has three grandchildren: Brie’s daughter, Birdie, as well as JJ’s two daughters, Vivienne and Alice. 

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