Kate Gosselin Under Investigation for Breaking Child Labor Laws!!

Early this year, it was reported that TLC had fired Kate Gosselin for exploiting her children after she filmed her four minors without a permit.

Now, that same allegation has her under investigation by the Department of Labor.

As a quick reminder, last year, Jon Gosselin was shocked and outraged when Kate filmed a special for TLC including her four remaining minors.

The special was about their older children looking at colleges.

Adults like Cara and Mady don’t need the same kinds of permits and permissions to film that minors do.

And according to Jon, a judge had sided with him and already ruled that filming was detrimental to the well-being of all of the minor children.

Earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor spoke to The Sun and confirmed that they’re looking into the matter.

Specifically, they revealed that there is an “active investigation” into the matter.

While some of the filming took place in North Carolina, most of the filming for the special is believed to have gone down in Pennsylvania.

Kate could end up being in real trouble with her home state.

Of course, Kate is firing back in court documents.

In official papers, she accuses Jon of “falsely claiming the Mother and network filmed the children without work permits.”

Kate claimed that this ended up “resulting in an investigation by the Department of Labor.”

If she had the necessary documents, we would imagine that it would be a very short investigation … right?

Apparently, Jon and Kate reached an agreement with the court that Jon would be provided with a detailed filming schedule.

But Jon says that he was never notofied with the date, time, or location of filming for the special, which goes against the deal.

Kate is blaming TLC for that, claiming that they were responsible for “handling all notifications to the Father.”

We are unsure of why TLC, a giant network that stands to profit from the show continuing, would neglect a simple notification.

Meanwhile, Kate has filed a counterclaim against Jon’s complaints.

She accuses her ex of trying to “publicly embarrass her” in multiple interviews.

Kate accuses Jon of working to “tarnish” her reputation.

She says that this was all an effort on his part to hinder her “ability to film and earn any income.”

First of all, if Kate wants to find the person who has been making audiences hate her for years, she’ll find the culprit in a mirror.

But Jon has made it clear repeatedly that he is doing all of this to look out for the best interests of his children.

After all, he has not tried to film with Hannah and Collin, and only even shows their photos on occassion on Instagram.

He is truly convinced that filming has had a negative impact upon his kids and his family — and that’s not all.

Jon has also stated that, for years, the work that the kids have done has all seemed to be for Kate’s benefit.

Yes, the kids made money — money that Jon accuses Kate of withholding from Collin and Hannah.

But the show’s title has always been about Kate, and she has set the tone for the series.

We don’t know who’s right when it comes to documentation and permits, but we have to say that when it comes to the show’s impact, Jon seems right.

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