Kate Garraway husband: How is Kate’s husband Derek Draper doing now?

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Kate Garraway is away from our screens this week as she prepares her children Billy and Darcey to go back to school. While appearing on Good Morning Britain on Friday, Kate said she will spend more time with Derek.

Talking on Friday’s episode while closing the show she said: “I’m actually not here next week.

“I’m taking a bit of time off to help Billy get sorted for secondary school, Darcey as well, get into school.

“And also Derek, look after things on that.

“I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for absolutely being brilliant since I’ve come back through challenging times.

Kate Garraway announces departure from Good Morning Britain

She added: “To everyone here, all the people on-screen and off-screen, you’ve been amazing.

“One of the nice things is that everybody talks about ITV and television being a brutal business – but it’s not. It’s a proper family. You’ve all been amazing.”

Kate also revealed she is writing a self-help book titled Good Morning Life: How To Wake Up Every Day And Smile.

The presenter said the book will include “insights” from her experience with Derek’s health battle.

Last month it was revealed Derek had regained minimal consciousness but still remained in intensive care.

Talking of her husband’s condition earlier this month, Kate spoke of the different challenges Derek is facing.

Talking on GMB, Kate said: “He’s very much still with us. There seem to be different challenges every week.

“I know everyone has been so lovely and are concerned, but then you don’t want to talk about it on GMB every time because it’s not cheering up everyone that’s trying to cope with covid.

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“Then on the other hand, last week when we were having fun and games, you feel almost bad because you think, ‘Oh, I’m laughing and he’s still there in a kind of minimal conscious state and it’s a difficult balance.

“It was worrying me last week, he’s still got lots of challenges, challenges with his food and with his lungs… it’s a waiting game really.

“I’m lucky I’ve got the chance to wait and he’s still with us and lots of people don’t have that.”

Kate returned to the morning show back in July after taking five months off amid Derek’s condition.

In a post to her social media, Kate said: “Well I survived my 1st day back without crashing the show thanks to the brilliant @benshephardofficial , the whole wonderful @gmb team & all of YOUR patience!!

“Thanks so much for your incredibly kind messages. Means such a lot.

“Derek had a stable day too so. See you at 6 a.m tomorrow xxx.”

Kate later spoke of how Derek watched her during her appearance.

She told Ben Shephard: “He is stable and actually yesterday, I spoke to the nurses said they had put Good Morning Britain on and they felt he looked focused and engaged on it.

She added: “We don’t know if it’s the movement of the light or the sound of a familiar voice, but Good Morning Derek if you are watching.

“We’re all sending you so much love. Here you are, your very own personal Good Morning Britain.”

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