Karlie Kloss Loves Joshua Kushner Despite ‘Complications’ Due to Different Political Beliefs

When she chooses to be with her husband Joshua Kushner, the runway beauty is aware of the ‘complications’ that might arise due to their different political beliefs.

AceShowbizKarlie Kloss‘ relationship with Joshua Kushner hasn’t been without its “complications.”

The 27-year-old model married Joshua, the brother of U.S. President Donald Trump‘s senior advisor Jared Kushner, in October 2018. Karlie has spoken before about how her democratic political beliefs differ from those of her Republican relatives, and opened up once again about the struggles she has faced in her romance with Joshua on Diane von Furstenberg‘s podcast, InCharge with DVF“.

“I really followed my heart on choosing to be with the person that I love, despite any complications that came with it,” she explained. “You know, I knew for me, it was worth it to fight for that.”

And that approach is one Karlie also follows in her career.

“Being true to my heart or being true to myself, when I know that something is not aligned with who I am, and the message I want to send to the world, or the kind of person that I want to be maybe that comes back to character,” she mused. “But like, my heart often is telling me exactly what I need to hear. And I didn’t always listen to it.”

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