Kanye West tweets out his whole contract in battle for ownership of his masters

Kanye West has taken to Twitter to share his contract page by page with his followers after battling to get control of his own masters.

The rapper, 43, called for ‘every lawyer in the world’ to look at his contracts with Universal as he shared screenshots of every single page on social media.

He tweeted: ‘Everyone at Universal and Vivendi please understand that I will do everything in my legal power and use my voice until all artist contracts are changed, starting with getting my masters for my children. I will not stop I promise you, I’m am petty and very personal.’

Kanye asked his followers to pray with him and thanked God for giving him the ‘strength’ to take on this battle.

He added: ‘OK guys check this out … I don’t have a contract with Universal … I have ten. They try to burry us alive. (sic)

‘I forgive everyone from the music industry that is involved with modern day slavery. Vengeance is only the lords.’

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