Jonathan Rhys Meyers Explores the Dangerous Jungles in ‘Edge of the World’ Trailer – Watch Now!

The trailer for Jonathan Rhys Meyers‘ new movie Edge of the World has been released!

Based on a true story, the 43-year-old Irish actor plays Sir James Brooke, who defies the British Empire to rule a jungle kingdom in the colonial, historic thriller directed by Michael Haussman.

Here’s the full synopsis: “In 1839, Brooke flees Victorian England to explore Borneo. After a pirate attack, Brooke allies with rival princes to seize a rebel fort. To save prisoners from beheading, Brooke agrees to be crowned Rajah. James begs the Royal Navy for a steamship to fight pirates, but the British want his kingdom as a colony. Makota’s pirates massacre Brooke’s capital, leaving James half-dead. To save his people, he must shed Englishness and embrace the jungle: “All of it, the beauty and the blood.”

The film also stars Dominic Monaghan, Hannah New, Josie Ho, Atiqa Hasiholan, Ralph Ineson, Otto Farant, Samo Rafael, Bront Palarae, Shaheizy Sam, Yusyf Mahardika, Peter John, and Kahar Bin Jini.

Edge of the World will be released on digital and on-demand on June 4.

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