JoJo Siwa Throws Extravagant Pride Party at Her Home

JoJo Siwa seemingly spared no expense to throw a massive party to celebrate Pride Month … and inside the event was everything you’d expect from the newly-minted gay icon.

JoJo’s rainbow-themed bash had a little bit of everything — as documented by fellow influencer Tana Mongeau — a fully loaded kitchen and bar, a rainbow-dyed dog walking around, a hand-bedazzled rainbow piano … and a JoJo Barbie wall.

Siwa — who was clearly having a great time with her girlfriend, Kylie Prew — also revealed she sprung for a bouncy house, because … why the hell not?

Pretty extravagant stuff all around from the recently-turned-18, mega-rich YouTube and Nickelodeon star, who as you know … came out as gay earlier this year.

She might be new to the LGBTQ+ community, but she’s already got Pride partying down pat.

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