Jersey Shore: Is Angelina Pivarnick TRYING to Destroy Her Own Marriage?

Back in November, Angelina Pivarnick married Chris Larangeira.

The reception was a flat-out mess, and for some reason, the female members of the Jersey Shore cast decided to roast Angelina rather than deliver a proper toast.

The situation was so bad that Angelina has said she wants a second wedding because Snooki and company ruined her first one.

But if Thursday night’s episode of Jersey Shore is any indication, no one has worked harder to destroy Angelina’s marriage than Angelina.

During a night out on the town to celebrate Jenni Farley’s divorce, Pivarnick seemed to go out of her way to disrespect her husband and her relationship at every turn.

Granted, she wasn’t married yet at that point, but with her wedding less than two months away, she probably shouldn’t have been holding hands with another dude in public.

For some reason (read: she was hammered) Angelina made the ill-advised decision to call Chris and inform him of her inappropriate behavior.

Predictably, this did not go well.

While the other women looked on in horror, Angelina called her fiance a “jerkoff,” shouting, “f–k that dick” after she finished the call.

The girls remained steadfastly Team Chris.

An angry Deena observed, “You’re just not talking good about Chris, just stop!”

JWoww added, “This is not how [Angelina] should be acting”

“He kept touching you and I hated it,” Snooki yelled while Angelina was on the phone.

“Why’s he f–king touching you to begin with?” Chris asked.

“I’m f–king pissed right now, I’m not gonna lie,” Larangeira added.

All of this took place the night before Angelina was scheduled to check out wedding dresses, which made some viewers wonder if she’s getting cold feet and trying to get Chris to dump her.

And apparently, they weren’t alone in that theory.

“You’re trying to break us up,” Chris said to her at one point..

“It was my bad for f–king bringing Mike out. I should have never did that. My bad,” she told him.

It was then that Jenni decided to grab the phone and intervene.

“I know you truly love her, she truly loves you. Do any of us think she did anything with Mike? 100% not,” she told Chris.

“I get it, I get why you’re angry, all of us do. I don’t want you guys upset, it’s a really good day for her, she’s going dress shopping,” added Farley, who’s dealt with plenty of relationship problems of her own over the past year.

“She deserves what you’re giving to her, a little bit,” Jenni went on.

“Truly, she’s not doing anything malicious here, she’s never tried to.”

There’s a reason that Farley is known as the mom of the house, folks.

Elsewhere in the episode, Mike enjoyed a feast prepared by the other mom of the house, Vinny’s actual mother, Paula.

We learned that Paula prepares her cutlets while wearing a shirt wih Vinny’s picture on it, and Uncle Nino is a big fan of prison BJs.

Who knew?

Mike is a bit more selective about what he puts in his mouth these days, but he happily devoured some carbs at his first family dinner in over a year.

If he ever finishes chewing, maybe he can offer some much-needed marital advice to Angelina.

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