Jerry O’Connell Warns Off RV Trip With Family Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

The ‘Carter’ star voices his regrets for agreeing with his wife Rebecca Romijn that camping in Yosemite National Park would be a fun way to get out and about during the pandemic.

AceShowbiz -Actor Jerry O’Connell is having second thoughts about camping with his wife and their twins, revealing driving around Yosemite National Park in California in a recreational vehicle is one of the most stressful things he has ever done.

The “Mission to Mars” star, who has never camped in his life, agreed with his wife Rebecca Romijn that an RV trip would be a fun way to get out and about during the coronavirus lockdown – but the experience has been a nightmare so far.

Speaking to TV show “Access Daily” from the park on Tuesday (August 11), Jerry said, “Don’t ever go on an RV trip with your family. It’s non-stop fighting. I haven’t showered in a week…”

“Nothing else is open during this pandemic… There’s nowhere else to go, so my wife said, ‘Why don’t we go on an RV trip?’ and before I knew it my wife booked the RV and I had to drive it. I have so much respect for anyone who drives any vehicle with more than four wheels… That was the most frightening part.”

“We tried to cook something last night but it didn’t really work out… so we ended up ordering a pizza… I’m in the only spot in all of Yosemite with, like, an ounce of wifi.”

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