Jeff Bridges and his wife wear matching PJs: Let the gratefulness overflow into blessing

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I have been enjoying all of the Jeff Bridges updates that he has been posting on his Instagram and website. It just makes me love the man more. After announcing his lymphoma diagnosis, Jeff has seemingly been opening up a lot on social media in such a sweet way. I love that he is confirming what I have felt about him all along, he really is a great guy.

Jeff’s latest Instagram post is the sweetest update so far. Jeff posted a picture where he and his wife are in matching pajamas holding their new puppy Monty. The Bridges’ Christmas plaid pajama sets are adorable and I am here for a twinning moment. Jeff captioned the pic with a “Happy New Year” and a very profound statement about togetherness. Below are a few excerpts from his Instagram and website via People:

“May we dream together of the kind of world we’d like to live in & make these dreams come true through our actions,” Bridges wrote in the caption. “Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!”

The actor shared a more in-depth message on his website, writing, “Here’s to a wonder filled, peaceful, New Year.”

“Here’s a plan for the New Year… for always… Let the gratefullness overflow into blessing all around you,” he wrote, alongside a video called “Gratitude” by Louie Schwartzberg.

Bridges also included a cartoon of himself with the words, “Yeeha!! I’ve been born! I’m alive! Haha… with you guys!”

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Like I said before I have loved Jeff since the Fabulous Baker Boys. He and his brother have always seemed like the kindest and most stand up guys. Even though Jeff’s diagnosis hit me pretty hard, I am glad he received an outpouring of love and support from his fans. I must admit I would totally wear the Bridges’ pajamas (does that make me old?). And that red beret Jeff is sporting is killing it. Jeff is giving me more French man vibes in this photo than the rugged southern boy (he is not) vibes that I always got from him. What also struck me about the photo is how big Monty has gotten in the last month. Monty no longer looks like a puppy.

There is definitely something heartwarming about a couple who have been together for over four decades still enjoying each other’s company. I am happy Jeff has his wife and Monty while he faces such an intense period in his mostly healthy life. I also enjoyed the short film video he posted about gratitude. The little girl at the beginning is so cute. I do hope Jeff continues to update us on his journey as long as it is convenient for him. And I truly wish him the best and a speedy recovery. In the meantime I will go rewatch a few of my favorite Jeff Bridges movies, I just love his voice.

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