Jana Kramer Hints At Hope For Future With Motivational Messages On IG After Mike Caussin Split

Ever since announcing her shocking split from husband Mike Caussin, actress and singer Jana Kramer has remained very quiet on social media. Which is odd for the avid poster who typically vlogs her family on the daily in her Instagram Story — but totally understandable after dropping THAT bombshell of an announcement.

But on Friday, the One Tree Hill alum returned to her beloved app to share some motivational messages with followers — and hint at her state of mind these days! The momma of Jolie Rae, 5, and Jace Joseph, 2, both of whom she shares with the former athlete, reposted quotes that read:

“Sometimes we don’t need to understand. We just need to believe.”

She also uploaded a slide where she’s seemingly reconnecting to her faith:

“Trust in Him. Every step is a step of faith.”

And lastly, a very poignant message that is definitely a direct reaction to her decision to part ways with her hubby of nearly six years. The quote said:

“Not all storms come to disrupt your life. Some come to clear your path.”

Seems she’s staying positive amid this mess! And honestly, that last one is definitely a great outlook to have on anything in life. What’s meant to be will be, right? Though that’s certainly hard to feel when in the midst of a nightmare — like once again finding out your husband cheated on you, this time allegedly WHILE you were recovering from breast implant surgery?! Like, talk about bad timing (though there’s never a good time for that, LOLz)! Not to mention the couple has built a career around fighting The Good Fight, the very title of their recently released memoir, and often talk marriage on their podcast Whine Down.


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Despite ending the fight, the 37-year-old remains steadfast in her belief “in marriage, love and rebuilding.” But details about what actually led to the her filing for divorce have been kept under lock and key — even her closest friends don’t know!

A source told E! News that the country crooner’s inner circle was “shocked to learn” of the split, even adding:

“Although Jana and Mike have been very public with their ups and downs, friends were still surprised by the split news. They worked so hard to make it work and care about their kids deeply.”

But also… It seems like maybe Jana wasn’t all that naive to trust the former football star wouldn’t cheat again. Friends believed he was fully committed to the family also!

“Nobody, not Jana or the couples’ close circle, could have imagined that Mike would once again break her trust.”

Whoa!! Just goes to show how problematic the relationship really was, and how addictions are hard to break even after getting treatment (like Caussin did in 2016 for his s*x addiction after his first infidelity scandal).

Rough to see this fight come to such a sad end after a valiant effort to make the relationship work for their kiddos, but it’ll definitely be better for everyone in the long run if the exes can one day form a healthy connection as co-parents (maybe even friends?). Time will tell…

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