Jack Tweed parties with Jade Goodys son after being allowed to reconnect with late wifes kids

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Jack Tweed enjoyed a fun night out with Jade Goody 's son, Bobby Brazier, over the weekend.

The 34 year old has been back in his stepson's life since 2018 after "sorting himself out" following an array of chaotic behaviour, which landed him in jail after Jade's tragic death in 2009.

And it appears that Jack's relationship with 18 year old Bobby was stronger than ever as they partied up a storm in pictures shared to his Instagram Stories.

High fashion model Bobby looked like he was having the time of his life as he let loose with Jack, who appeared to be having an equally enjoyably evening.

Bobby only recently turned eighteen on June 6 and marked the milestone occasion with his father Jess Brazier and younger brother Freddy, 16.

Jack had previously revealed that he didn't see Bobby and Freddie, telling OK!: "Jeff stopped me from seeing the boys. At that time, I was getting into trouble and I was off the rails – so Jeff was probably right to do that.

"Now he's seen I've sorted myself out, so he got in touch and said the boys had been asking about me. They came around to mine for tea and Jeff was there so it felt like an awkward first date!"

Jade's ex-partner Jeff recently shared his pain over sons Bobby and Freddie not knowing the late Big Brother star "the way we all did".

Speaking in October last year, Jeff said: "My gosh, they are just so resilient.

"Of course they were so young when she died and it pains me to think they never knew Jade in the same way we all did.

"When Bobby landed his first fashion magazine cover he said he hoped his mum was looking down on him and smiling. And I'm sure she was."

Meanwhile, earlier this month, it was revealed that Jack had finally found love twelve years after the passing of Jade.

His new girlfriend has been unveiled as Essex girl Alee Reys, who he reportedly met on social media.

Jack opened up on his new romance earlier this year, telling The Sun : "I've met someone. She's a really nice girl. We talk every day and it's probably the most serious I've been since Jade.

"It's hard for me because I will compare it all with Jade. I will never forget about Jade."

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