Is Jennifer Lopez Sending Alex Rodriguez A Message With This Sexy Clip Featuring An Ex's Song??

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez aren’t out of the woods yet.

As you probably know, the seemingly solid couple had a major breakup scare earlier this month. They quickly backtracked on the news and reassured fans they were just “working through some things.” Still, some seeds of doubt had clearly been sown (no thanks to Madison LeCroy), and what we heard from behind the scenes sounded touch-and-go as A-Rod attempted to win back his lady’s trust.

We know J.Lo has communicated her thoughts on the subject via social media before — she used her Instagram to call headlines about the split “dumb.” So you can bet we were paying attention to her IG Story this weekend when she posted a VERY interesting thirst trap from the pool. Check it out below:

As you can tell, she’s bopping to DJ Khaled’s POPSTAR — and really enjoying Drake’s verse! Should we be reading into the fact that her “Sunday Mood” involves her ex from 2017? Not to mention the lyrics themselves. They’re not specifically about being single, but the pop star lifestyle in question isn’t really about settling down and marrying your partner of four years.

If we were only looking at Jenny From The Block’s social media, we might be worried about how this reunion’s going. But over on the baseball legend’s IG page, the relationship looks like it’s on the mend. His own picture from the pool on Friday suggested he was once again visiting his fiancée in the Dominican Republic (where she’s filming her latest movie).

A post shared by Alex Rodriguez (@arod)

Then on Saturday, he shared the first J-Rod selfie since the breakup scare — and it involved a new joint business venture. We doubt they would announce something like that if they were in the process of consciously uncoupling… would they?

A post shared by Alex Rodriguez (@arod)

It has to be said, the actress hasn’t shown her man nearly as much love on social media as he’s done for her. But it seems like he’s the one who had to step up his game when things got rocky. A source for E! News recently shared:

“Alex remains committed to working on things with Jennifer. It was important to Jennifer that Alex stepped up in a public way and showed his level of commitment to her with a trip to see her while working. Jennifer appreciates big gestures like these. … Things between the two of them are heading in the right direction.”

Well, the MLB alum’s frequent Dominican flag IG posts are definitely sending a very public message. But if he’s flying back and forth between the US and the DR every weekend, what does it mean that Jennifer posted a solo vid of herself vibin’ to an ex’s song on Sunday, presumably after Alex left? That’s a public message that has us puzzled… by hey, maybe she just really likes the track! LOLz!

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