How many kids does the MyPillow guy have?

Just when you thought these times couldn’t get any more strange, President Donald Trump invited the founder of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, to speak at the White House’s coronavirus briefing on March 30, 2020. Lindell — who turned his comfy invention into a multimillion-dollar business thanks to late-night infomercials — announced his company’s plan to mass manufacture cotton face masks for health care workers, while also heaping praise on Trump for his response to the pandemic. The Black Mirror-esque spectacle got the #mypillowguy trending on Twitter, and now Lindell is a hot topic of conversation. One particular area of interest? The businessman’s kids.

As it turns out, Lindell and his first ex-wife, Karen Dickey, have four children together: Darren, Charlie, Heather, and Lizzy. Although Mr. MyPillow’s website features many photos of his brood, little is known about their lives today. But after some digging, we’ve uncovered some facts that might be of interest to MyPillow fans.

Mike Lindell's kids are an integral part of MyPillow

Mike Lindell appears close with all of his kids, as evidenced by the many family photos on his website. And it sounds like the clan is tight in every aspect, especially where it concerns their involvement with MyPillow. Not only did Lindell name his son, Darren, as the company’s chief operating officer in 2019, but he also enlisted his children to help grow the company. A CNBC profile of Lindell outlined how Darren “spent hours cutting up foam and testing configurations before they came up with a pillow that would hold its shape,” while the Star Tribune noted that his eldest daughter, Heather, is “one of several family members who work at MyPillow.”

Although Lindell’s dream is supported by his family, that wasn’t always the case. Case in point: When the mogul was up late one night developing the concept for MyPillow, he got shut down by one of his daughters. “What are you doing, Dad?’ Lindell recalled his daughter asking, to which he replied, “I’ve got this idea for this pillow. It’s gonna be called MyPillow. What do you think about it?” Her response? “That’s really random.” Hey, maybe Lindell’s daughter should become a judge on Shark Tank with that sass. 

Jokes aside, it’s obvious Lindell can rely on his children to champion his business.

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