How Angela Kinsey felt when Jenna Fischer got her Office role

While Angela Kinsey played persnickety Angela Martin on the TV favorite The Office, did you know she originally auditioned for the role of Pam? The cast of this beloved series, which celebrates is 15th anniversary this month, recently reflected back on their experience with Today to share some inside info, and you might expect that Kinsey would have had some friction with Jenna Fischer since she clearly didn’t get the role. Describing her audition, Kinsey remembers, “I went in and I auditioned for the role of Pam. And I did not get the role of Pam, although I did really well. They were like, ‘Oh, she did great. She just may be just a little too feisty.'” Fortunately for viewers, the role of Pam went to the wonderful Jenna Fischer and we, plus Angela, couldn’t have been happier.

Rather than resent her coworker for the role she didn’t get, Kinsey became great friends with Fischer. On working with Fischer she remembers, “We cannot be in a scene with each other without laughing. We’re horrible.” Perhaps they weren’t so productive, but we’d love to laugh along with them!

What are Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer doing now?

While these two talented actresses get along in real life, their characters weren’t always as friendly. Fans at Dunderpedia credit this rivalry to their relationships, noting Angela’s jealousy of Pam’s romances with both Roy and Jim, while Angela dated Dwight, Andy, and The Senator. Even the cast is divided on their favorite romance. Ellie Kemper, who played Erin Hansen, admits, “My favorite couple on the show is, of course, Jim and Pam. You can’t come close to that. You can’t touch that. It’s so sweet.” Kinsey begs to differ, noting in the same Today interview that she favors — you guessed it – Dwight and Angela. “I love Dwight and Angela. Dwangela will always hold a special place in my heart.” 

Whatever the reason, the chemistry between these two Office alums is definitely real. Notes Kinsey in a 2019 Insider interview, “We became best friends and I’m so thankful for it. We both say we didn’t expect to make such a close friendship later in life. But we’re so close and she’s one of my life anchors.”

The besties have even launched an Office-focused podcast together, Office Ladies, where they rewatch an episode of the show each week and dish on exclusive behind-the-scenes info. If you’ve been craving a little more Angela and Pam in your life, here’s your chance to get your fill.

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