Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Are Keeping Me Sane Right Now

Remember summer 2019? It was a simpler time: The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown, fresh off her break-up with country singer wannabe Jed Wyatt, asked runner-up Tyler Cameron out for a drink on the show's After the Final Rose special. He said yes. They exchanged numbers. Bachelor Nation cheered. Things were good.

Two days later, the genetically-gifted duo were seen outside Hannah's apartment. Tyler was carrying an overnight bag, so naturally Twitter exploded with hopes that these two would get their happily-ever-after after all.

And then, Tyler began dating Gigi Hadid.

I'll be honest: I've met Hannah, Tyler, and Gigi, and they are all wonderful people. How could I be annoyed that Tyler was now dating Gigi, who is truly one of the nicest and savviest people I've interviewed? Even so, there was something about Hannah and Tyler that I couldn't shake. Maybe it was the way Tyler talked about Hannah in all of our interviews. Even before he met her, he gave me a full list of reasons why they would make a great couple. Every time I talked to Hannah, she spoke about how respectful Tyler was and how she wanted a man who didn't view her as a trophy wife.

Let me put it another way: I've never saved old episodes of The Bachelorette before, but I didn't delete any Hannah/Tyler-centric ones from my DVR. I think it gave me hope about my own dating life—that there are guys out there who look that good, are driven, respect women, and have a heart of gold. If Hannah and Tyler couldn't work out, I figured, then the only appropriate outcome was to make him the next Bachelor. At least then we'd get more Tyler in our lives.

We all know how that went. The Bachelor gig went to Peter Weber, Tyler and Gigi went their separate ways, and Hannah went on Dancing With the Stars.

So imagine my delight when I heard that Tyler was picking up Hannah at the Jupiter, Florida airport in the middle of March, just as most cities were implementing stay-at-home orders. This came after Hannah had been to Florida a week earlier to celebrate Tyler's mom, Andrea, who recently passed away. It was thrilling to see that their relationship, which originally took place in the bubble of reality TV, was now happening in the real world, on their own time.

And then, as the situation around the coronavirus pandemic worsened, Hannah and Tyler started letting the public back into their lives via Instagram Live and TikTok. They've created cute video after video—totally platonic, mind you—but with the kind of undercurrent that screams I have to have you now. (Or is that just me?)

We've seen them work out together, play musical chairs, and tease us with spin-the-bottle. Have they been watching old episodes of Friends? Because I'm almost certain after all this back and forth, they're going to have to give us a "You're my lobster" moment. Or something. You don't spend all this time quarantined together and it not amount to anything. Right? Aren't those the rules?!

When Entertainment Tonight asked Bachelor host Chris Harrison for his thoughts on Tannah, he said he believes the exes are “just friends” but a rekindled romance is not outside the realm of possibility. Then, just this week in an interview with Access Live's Kit Hoover, Harrison said he'd officiate their wedding. Does he know something we don't?

I reached out to Hannah's PR team earlier this week to let her know that I'd be writing this article and to see if she wanted to comment. The response was, "She's not available for this, but is looking forward to seeing the piece!"

So Hannah and Tyler, if you're reading, know this: Thank you for the endless guessing game entertainment you've been providing us. It's been just the distraction I've needed in this times. And no pressure, but if there is something more going on I'd like to be the one you come talk to about it. You know, for my sanity.

Jessica Radloff is the Glamour West Coast editor. You can follow her on Instagram at @jessicaradloff14.

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