Hairstylist George Northwood Confirms Which of Meghan Markle's Iconic Looks He Was Behind

Northwood is also the man behind one of Meghan’s most iconic hairstyles: an elevated version of the messy bun with loose curls that she wore at her royal wedding reception.

“The evening was intimate, for family and friends, a time for Meghan to be herself. By this point, the messy bun had become such a thing and we wanted to do something equally relaxed and effortless,” Northwood said.

“Often with brides — and this was no different — the daytime bit is a bit more nerve-wracking, and then the evening comes and it’s more about wanting to have fun,” he continued. “That’s what my hair is about: it’s wearable, effortless and can withstand a dance floor.”

And while Northwood and Meghan are now based on different continents after her move to Los Angeles, the hairstylist said they stay in touch, and applauded Meghan for her “grace and professionalism.”

“We align on so many values and things she stands for are close to my heart,” he said. “It’s a new chapter, obviously we aren’t living in the same country but I still check in all the time. She puts so much thought into everything, she really has your back and supports small businesses. Working with them was an enormous privilege and I enjoyed every minute — we created some iconic moments.”

On Instagram Tuesday, Northwood shared several photos of Meghan’s hair looks from the past couple of years.

“It has been an enormous privilege and a lot of fun working with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex over the past two years,” he wrote in the caption. “I have enjoyed every minute collaborating with this amazing couple who not only champion small businesses but have taught me so much about diversity, equality and the importance of good mental health. Here are a few of their many wonderful moments that I was honoured to be a part of.”

Northwood added to British Vogue that he shared the photos in an effort to “share my positive experience and this big thing we’ve achieved that I’m so proud of.”

Now that the secret’s out that he was behind so many of Meghan’s hairstyles, Northwood reflected on keeping their working relationship out of the public eye.

“Creating such iconic looks but not talking about them — there was actually something really nice in that,” he said.

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