Gov. Gavin Newsom Announces CA Reopening at Universal Studios

Gov. Gavin Newsom went all Hollywood, literally, to announce California’s reopening from pandemic restrictions.

Newsom hit up Universal Studios on Tuesday to officially reopen the Golden State’s economy, and announce it’s finally turning the page beyond capacity limits, color coding, social distancing and mask coverings.

Taking full advantage of his location, the Gov roped in the Minions, Trolls, Optimus Prime and fake Chris Pratt from “Jurassic World” to dress up the event — although, it did make for a couple awkward moments.

For starters, the Gov called the famous Autobot “Optimum.” Then, there was the awkward countdown. After the quick glitch … confetti rained down and the famous Universal theme song played to officially signal California’s reopening.

It should be noted … masks are still required in K-12 schools, airports/public transportation and hospitals. But, still, masks and social distancing are virtually now in the rearview mirror thanks to the state having one of the lowest rates (below 1%) of infection in the U.S.

New York’s celebrating too. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is reportedly having a fireworks show Monday night to celebrate the state reaching its goal of 70% adult vaccination — and the end of state-mandated COVID restrictions.

While both governors are boasting their state’s success … both stand to benefit politically, as well. Newsom’s facing an upcoming recall vote, while Cuomo’s under fire for sexual harassment allegations.

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