Giroir pushes FDA to administer coronavirus vaccine booster: Approval standard has ‘already been met’

White House should push booster shots ahead of FDA approval: Giroir

Former Assistant Secretary of Health Adm. Brett Giroir advocates for the approval of third coronavirus vaccine doses.

The White House is motioning for a third dose of coronavirus vaccinations to be recommended for those at high risk and former assistant secretary of health Adm. Brett Giroir advocated on "Making Money" for the FDA to push through the approval immediately.

Giroir: President Biden needs to submit a name for FDA commissioner because we need leadership in that agency. Number two, yes, they're a little bit ahead of the FDA and they said so, but they need to be. The public health standard for authorization, in my opinion, has already been met for the third dose. It has already been met for full approval. And they need to provide the leadership to the FDA. These are regulators. They don't have to deal with dead bodies and public health recommendations. They need to do their job with regulation, authorize the third dose and fully approve at least the Pfizer vaccine. And then very soon after the Moderna vaccine…

I think we will be able to contain the virus. We won't be able to eliminate it but the recommendations today, we saw them coming. We know that vaccine effectiveness wanes over time. So there's a time component and also the vaccines are just not as effective against Delta. So I think the recommendations are sound. I have not seen data that says an 18-year-old or 21 -year-old needs a third shot. But clearly what we're seeing from overseas, particularly Israel, the gold standard in data is those 50 and above are really getting hospitalized and suffering fatalities. So this is an important step.


Coronavirus vaccine booster a ‘sound’ recommendation: Giroir

Former Assistant Secretary of Health Adm. Brett Giroir backs the CDC’s recommendation for booster shots as the Delta variant spreads.

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