George at 10 – Cool, calm, and aware of his destiny as new birthday portrait is released

  • 22:30, 21 JUL 2023
  • Updated22:43, 21 JUL 2023

Proving that he really does appear to be growing up with a firm grasp of his future role, Prince George looked the most confident we’ve seen him yet in an official portrait to mark his landmark 10th birthday on Saturday.

The lovely photo was taken earlier this month near the Waleses’ home, Adelaide Cottage in Windsor, by photographer Millie Pilkington who also took Kate and William’s private wedding portraits in 2011, recent birthday portraits for Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte and the family’s recent Father’s Day snap.

This makes a change from some of George’s more recent birthday photos, which were candid shots taken by mum Kate.

And after so many years of sporting shorts, it’s refreshing to see George in a pair of long trousers – another sign that he’s moving onto an exciting new chapter of his life!

A source told OK! that Prince William and Kate will celebrate their eldest’s birthday in style saying: “William and Kate are very much family orientated so a family birthday bash will be held at Windsor.

The King and Camilla are due to attend along with Kate’s parents and family.

The source added: “There will also be some of George’s friends from school in attendance.”

In a year that has been described as a “baptism of fire” for the youngster, he’s had a front row seat to several seismic royal moments.

“I think the past year has taught George an awful lot about his destiny,” former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond tells OK!.

“To see the Platinum Jubilee, followed by the death of the Queen and then the coronation. That’s a lot for a 10 year old to absorb – he’s been able to see his future in theory.”

Kate and William’s decision to release official birthday portraits is a “stroke of genius” says Jennie.

“George’s parents have tried very hard to make his childhood as normal as possible,” Jennie notes.

“Key to that was agreeing with the press that he and his siblings would largely be left alone in exchange for Kate and William releasing photos of them at key points.

“Kate took the initiative to do this and it has made a big difference, because the press have realised that if they step back, they get these lovely shots.

“George now copes pretty well with cameras and public attention even though, for a 10-year-old, it must still be disconcerting.”

Meanwhile royal fans were hotly debating which famous parent George takes after in the new image, with some commenting on his likeness to Kate – the eyes and hair in particular – and others pointing out how his big grin is reminiscent of William’s smile.

But everyone agrees on one thing – he definitely has his mum’s natural ease in front of a camera!

To mark the prince’s 10th birthday, the royal family released a portrait of George looking all grown up, perched on some steps near the Waleses’ home, Adelaide Cottage. The young prince wore a blue and white checked shirt, a pair of teal trousers and dark brown suede shoes for the occasion.

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To celebrate George’s ninth birthday, a photo taken during a family holiday in the UK was shared. As has become somewhat of a tradition, the Duchess of Cambridge was the person behind the snap, with she and William announcing that they were “delighted” to share the picture.

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Another photograph taken by the Duchess of Cambridge was released to celebrate George’s eighth birthday. The photo showed the prince wearing a striped polo top and sitting on a Land Rover Defender. Prince Philip, who tragically died months prior to the youngster’s birthday, was known as being a big fan of the car, leading some royal fans to believe that the photo was a subtle tribute to him.

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As Prince George turned six, the Duchess of Cambridge showed off her incredible photography skills as she took his official birthday portraits for the first time. In the three images shared for the occasion, two of the photos showed the prince wearing an England football shirt as he played in the gardens of Kensington Palace while the final image was taken on holiday. Commenting on his choice of clothing, the England football team’s Twitter account wrote: “Great choice of shirt! Have a brilliant birthday, Prince George!”.

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Prince George’s fourth birthday portrait was distinctly formal and was taken by royal photographer Chris Jackson at Kensington Palace. The royal looked smart in a shirt as he posed for the portrait in front of a charcoal grey backdrop.

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Doting mum Kate has often spoken out about the importance of giving children the chance to enjoy the great outdoors, and George’s third birthday photos are a great example of her parenting style. In photos taken at the family’s home at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, the young royal was snapped by photographer Matt Porteous. In one picture, the tot could be seen playing with the Cambridge’s family dog Lupo and in another George could be seen on a swing inscribed with the names of his parents.

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In photos released to celebrate the birth of the young prince, George could be seen surrounded by his doting family – including the Cambridge’s cocker spaniel, Lupo, and the Middleton family’s retriever, Tilly. The adorable snap was taken by Kate’s dad Michael Middleton at the Middleton family home in Berkshire.

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