Gemma Atkinson sad and relieved as she stops breastfeeding 6-week-old

Gemma Atkinson has revealed that she is “sad and relieved” to finish breastfeeding her baby son Thiago.

The 38 year old welcomed her second child with Strictly Come Dancing professional dancer Gorka Márquez last month and has now opened up about her breastfeeding journey.

On her Instagram Stories, Gemma penned: "Started to send my milk back (currently sat with iced cabbage on my chebs).

"Bitter sweet as I know it's the last time feeding for me as we're done on the baby front, so part of me is a little sad & the other part is relieved. If you've ever brest fed when at times it's been quite difficult & sometimes painful you'll get what I mean!”

She continued by saying that she’s looking forward to “my boobs going back to normal” and having Gorka, 32, be able to help feed Thiago during the nights.

"I've got lots of expressed milk in the freezer so he'll have about another week taking him to 6 wks which I'm happy with. In 5 wks he's gone from 7lb 13 to almost ilb so I've fattened him up nicely .

"I'm looking forward to my boobs going back to normal size, my back ache to subside and to be able to get gorka on the night feeds as well when he's home.”

Gemma continued by encouraging new and future mums to make their own minds up about how they feed their newborns.

She said: "I've always said BF is a personal choice and one you and you alone should make.

"They are your boobies and your babies so YOU decide. I'm fortunate my midwife Rach has been extremely understanding, supportive & non judgmental in my decision.

"I know some people are made to feel guilty and it really isn't fair. Especially as you feel so vulnerable anyway with a new baby.

"Here's to smelling like farts the next week while I have cabbage down my bra for a while."

The couple already share their daughter, Mia, four, who they welcomed a couple of years after meeting on Strictly when Gemma was a contestant in 2017.

The former Emmerdale actress has spoken previously about Mia’s traumatic birth and how she lost “pints” of blood.

She said: “They gave me a form about blood transfusions that asked if one of us had to be saved, which one would it be.

"It could have gone very differently. Immediately afterwards you think to yourself, 'Gosh, would I go through that again?' Then you look at your child and think, 'I'd do it all again tomorrow.' That's the nature of motherhood."

When the couple spoke to us exclusively, Gorka spoke of the “horrible” experience.

“I didn’t know what was going on. I just saw doctors coming in like it was a Formula One pitstop. They took Mia away and then I saw them taking Gemma away and they left me there. Then they brought Mia to me five minutes later and she was just screaming for food and I couldn’t feed her.

“I can deal with pain. I wouldn’t mind if I was bleeding myself, but when the person you love is bleeding and they’re gone, you’re like ‘No!’

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